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Auxiliary Services & Other Programs

STAR Center

"Intervention Services for Students at Risk"

The STAR Center, an acronym for the State Tutoring Auxiliary Resource Center, was built in 1994 with a grant from the State of Ohio.  This building is located outside the school doors on the west side, behind the preschool rooms.

The SJA administration, faculty and ASP staff believe that every student can become one of the "stars of the future" by working hard and utilizing their talents and varied learning styles.

More than 300 students visit the STAR Center throughout the school year on a regular or part-time basis to receive small group instruction or one-on-one services from the ASP personnel.  To contact any of our specialists, please call 419-866-6177.

Mrs. Jena Hinds, Intervention Specialists, provides one-on one, or small group instruction to those students who have been identified as having a specific learning disability and have an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P) or Service Plan as it is called in the Catholic Schools.  Goals and objectives are set for the students to assist them in strengthening skills where weaknesses have been identified.  The Intervention Specialist consults with teachers to assist with the implementation of classroom accommodations outlined in the Service Plan. At risk students are assessed to determine if they qualify for special services.

Mrs. Becky Gilsdorf, Reading Remedial Specialist, and Mrs. Kelly Kinnee, Math Remedial Specialist, provide small group instruction, hands-on activities, or other educationally appropriate materials; in order to help students achieve success in the classroom. One-on-one instruction in reading strategies for at-risk first grade students is also provided.


Mrs. Sue Padley, Speech and Language Therapist, provides services with one-on-one or small group instruction toward the correction and improvement of articulation skills, language skills (grammar, vocabulary and syntax, written responses and answering comprehension questions), pragmatics (social language), voice, and fluency.

Mrs. Gina Brundage, School Counselor, provides prevention and intervention strategies through individual and group counseling.  These services support a safe learning environment and help students reach their goals.


The St. Joan of Arc Enrichment Program provides students with accelerated and enriching experiences that extend beyond the student’s grade-level curriculum.  It provides unique opportunities for learning in a variety of ways. Enrichment classes are offered to students in Kindergarten-4th grade.

The lessons in the Enrichment Program are designed to facilitate learning and discovery.  In addition to advanced learning in mathematics, literature, science and social studies.  Topics include critical and creative thinking, problem solving, project-based learning, STEAM, teamwork and research skills. 

Candidates for the program include students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability based on a variety of assessments including STAR Reading, Go Math, standardized test scores, as well as teacher recommendation based on grades and classroom participation.