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Grades 4-8




Grades 4-8
Middle School and Junior High

Our Middle School students begin to have more academic, athletic, and social opportunities.  Students will experience a cooperative learning atmosphere as well as develop independent work and study skills that help them grow into responsible and conscientious citizens.  As they move on to the next grade level, students will participate in a rigorous academic program that will prepare them for high school.

Student Activities

-Accelerated classes in math, science, social studies, and language arts
-8th grade Algebra with high school credit option
-Physical education
-Music education
-Band education (Grades 5-8)
-Art education
-Service projects throughout the year
-CYO Athletics

4th/5th Grade Highlights

-Students switch classes between 4 teachers and learn how to schedule their time and use their calendar effectively.
-Choir is available for 4th-8th grade.
-Altar server training is offered in 5th grade.
- Band offerings start in 5th grade and include classroom instruction three times a week.
-Religion and Reading classes are gender specific to give opportunity for open discussion.
-Many research and public speaking skills opportunities are infused within the curriculum including a historical wax museum and debate teams.
-Spanish curriculum includes more intensive vocabulary and beginning grammar including definite and indefinite articles, noun/adjective agreement and subject pronouns.

6th-8th Grade Junior High Highlights

-In-class Confirmation prep is offered and includes a service aspect related to the 14 Works of Mercy.
-An advanced math curriculum is offered and uses an accelerated math series.
-Algebra is offered for 8th grade and students may take the Ohio state certification test to receive high school credit.
-High school placement test prep classes are offered.
-8th grade students take finals in all courses to prepare for the high school setting.
-Students learn research APA and MLA formatting and utilize these for 7th grade science fair and other research projects.
-The Spanish curriculum includes verb conjugations, sentence construction and conversations.
-Learning Competitions are offered including Quiz Bowl, Geography Bee, and regional band competitions.
-Leadership opportunities include student council, WSJA studio production crew, yearbook crew, altar server master of ceremonies and sacristans.

School Resources

-School Clinic
-Extended Day program available 7:00-7:45am and 2:50pm-6:00pm
-Technology, including Clevertouch boards, iPads, and laptops
-WSJA media room

Student Support Services

K-8th grade students have the following support and services available to them through our ASP (Auxiliary Support Personnel) staff.
-Intervention Specialist
-Reading Specialist
-Math Intervention Specialist
-Speech and Language Services
-School Counselor