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Grades 5-8

Grades 5-8 Middle School

Our Middle School students experience an exciting change as they enter "Wing B" for the first time.  They begin to have more academic, athletic, and social opportunities.  In the classroom, they will use Chromebooks on a daily basis. Students will experience a cooperative learning atmosphere as well as develop independent work and study skills that help them grow into responsible and conscientous citizens. 

Student Activities

-Physical education 2 days per week
-Music education 2 days per week
-Art education 1 day per week
-Library visit 1 day per week
-Integration of technology, utilizing our Clevertouch boards, iPads and 1:1 Chromebooks
-STEAM Classes integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in project-based learning exercises
-Computer education 1 day per week for 5th-6th grade
-Participate in school wide-service projects throughout the year

Student Support Services

K-8th grade students have the following support and services available to them through our ASP (Auxiliary Support Personnel) staff.
-Reading Intervention
-Math Intervention
-Speech and Language Services
-Intervention Specialist
-School Counselor
-School Clinic