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Enrollment Policies

Non-Discrimination Policy

St. Joan of Arc School holds to the policy adopted by the Toledo Diocesan School Advisory Council: “St. Joan of Arc School recruits and admits students of any race, color, or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, scholarships, loans, fee waivers, educational programs, athletics, and extra-curricular activities. In addition, the school is not intended to be an alternative to court or administrative agency ordered, or public school district initiated desegregation.”

According to the general laws of the State of Ohio governing admission, the following criteria will apply:

Preschool Admission

St. Joan of Arc Preschool welcomes children ages 3, 4, and 5.  Entering three year olds must turn three prior to August 1st. All students must be completely potty-trained before beginning school.

Kindergarten Admission

A child must be five years old by August 1st.

First Grade Admission

A child must be six years old before August 1st.

Initial Entry

At the time of a child’s initial entry to school, the person responsible for the child shall present to the school the child’s original birth certificate, information for completion of health records, and written evidence that meets or exceeds the minimum immunization requirement. In lieu of a birth certificate, a passport showing the age of the child or a birth affidavit will be accepted. If satisfactory evidence cannot be produced within fourteen days of the child’s entry into school, the appropriate law enforcement agency will be notified of the possibility that the pupil may be a missing child. The school requires that baptized Catholics also present a baptismal certificate.

No student at the time of initial entry or at the beginning of each school year shall be permitted to remain in school for more than 14 days without written evidence of immunization.
In lieu of this requirement, a physician’s statement may be presented stating that compliance is in process or that immunization may be detrimental to the student’s health.


Registration for students presently attending St. Joan of Arc School will take place in February. Registration dates for  students new to the school will be announced in February through parish bulletins, school newsletters, and local media.


For tuition and scholarship information, please contact the school office.

Acceptance for Progression

Students will be admitted to St. Joan of Arc School in the following order of acceptance:
-All enrolled students will have priority of registration for the following school year, as long as they register within the timeframe announced each year
-New students belonging to a registered supporting member of St. Joan of Arc Parish with siblings already in school
-New students belonging to a registered supporting member of St. Joan of Arc Parish
-A sibling of a non-parishioner student already in school
-Children of registered members of neighboring parishes
-Children of non-parishioners

Other Criteria:
A waiting list will be maintained, using the order of acceptance listed as follows:
-Parishioners and non-parishioners will be determined. Vacancies will be filled by the parishioners and then by the non-parishioners.
-Length of time in the parish will determine the priority in which the children are accepted.
-All obligations to previously attended schools must be satisfied before registration at SJA is completed.

Student Transfers/Change of Address

Transfer students will be considered for admittance to St. Joan of Arc at any time throughout the year based on Administrativ review. A parent/guardian of students who transfer from another school must request a transfer of academic, behavior, attendance,  and health records from the previous school of attendance, and have them forwarded to St. Joan of Arc.

Parents are also required to present all documentation of a student’s Intervention Service Plan (ISP), Modified Adjustment Plan (MAP), Evaluation Team Report (ETR), and/or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for review by SJA’s Intervention Team prior to acceptance for enrollment. Failure to be honest and forthcoming in this area may jeopardize the child's registrationand/or continuance at St. Joan of Arc school.

Students transferring to St. Joan of Arc may be requested to attend an informal interview with the parent/guardian and aministration before admittance is accepted.

All transferring students who are admitted under this policy are under a 60 school-day probationary period. Academic progress, adherence to SJA’s school policies, and the student’s disciplinary record will be reviewed after the probationary period to determine whether or not continued enrollment at SJA is warranted.

St. Joan of Arc school has the right to decline admission based on inability to accommodate the needs of a child.

Parents of St. Joan of Arc students should notify the school office if their child is transferring to another school so that records can be sent.

Parents are required to keep the school office current on the address, phone number, and legal guardianship of their student.