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Employment Opportunities

Hearing the Call?

We are excited that God has called us to have a small, local role in the divine plan of forming Saints, Servants, and Scholars. As God calls us, so we call others to join us in the work! If you are excited to find a ministry in which to flourish and support the growth of God's children, let's discern together! Hear the call with us to strive "Forward, forward, always forward" in unfolding the mission of Christ and His Church here in the Diocese of Toledo.

All qualified candidates must have, prior to the start of the job, current BCI/FBI background checks and Diocese of Toledo Protecting Youth certification. Interested applicants should e-mail a cover letter, resume, references, and three letters of recommendation to the Principal-Minister, Gabriel Jakubisin, at Applications received by May 15th, 2021 will receive priority.

See the dropdowns below for current open positions.

Current Open Positions for the 2021-2022 School Year...


Assistant Principal-Minister

We're looking for a life-long learner looking to be a servant-leader in Catholic education. The Assistant Principal will serve on the school's leadership team, working with Mr. Jakubisin to carry out our educational and formational program. With Mr. Jakubisin, they will help our educators strive for excellence through observation and coaching. They will oversee the three key elements of our character formation program:

  • The What Makes a Warrior? dispositions program,
  • The Warriors Work Together mentorship program, and
  • The Makings of a Warrior Junior High Scholarship Award program

We're looking for a self-motivated leader with a goal of balancing high expectations and strong support to help teachers flourish. A leader who wants to inspire young people to pursue greatness in faith, in virtue, and in scholarship and to give them the tools for that pursuit will flourish here.

St. Joan of Arc Assistant Principal-Minister Job Description


4-5 Science and Religion Teacher

Our Middle School team is looking for a new teammate to inspire young people with the glory of creation. By teaching the methods of Science and the discoveries humans have made about the natural world to both 4th and 5th grades while also teaching the Religion curriculum to 4th grade, this position offers a unique opportunity to live St. Pope John Paul II's call to see the proper integration of Faith and Reason. The middle school utilizes block scheduling and makes special use of projects and group learning to facilitate content acquisition and ownership of learning. This is a full-time teaching position with homeroom responsibilities. Since the position involves explicit religion instruction, being a Catholic in good standing is a bona fide job qualification and the position involves Mass planning responsibilities.

St. Joan of Arc Teacher-Minister General Job Description


Art Teacher

St. Joan of Arc School, in line with the Catholic tradition, sees human creativity as an echo and overflow of God's own creative power. The visual arts curriculum of the Diocese of Toledo Courses of Study encourages student creative artistic expression while also framing that creativity by learning the methods of art and art history. Beyond the art curriculum, the Art teacher also works with the leadership team for art around the school environment, both in displaying individual student work and organizing school-wide projects, but also in terms of historical art and display pieces that support the Catholic culture of the school while integrating a sense of the Beautiful.

St. Joan of Arc Teacher-Minister General Job Description


Part-Time 5-8 Band Teacher

The St. Joan of Arc Band specials class is a unique opportunity for students to experience not only learning an instrument but making music by listening to each other and working together. We are looking for a talented and motivated Band Director, ideally with experience teaching middle school and junior high students, to foster a love of music and a desire for further musical growth in our students. The Band teacher works closely with the Music teacher as they help our students experience the joy of music and develop an appreciation for musical and performance arts.

St. Joan of Arc Part-Time Teacher-Minister General Job Description - (Note that Band position is part-time and does not require daily presence in the building.)


Part-Time Secretary / Admissions Assistant

The morning secretarial position is one of great responsibility. Online duties like attendance tracking, facilitating the smooth movement of prospective families through the enrollment process, and data entry must be balanced with greeting in-person guests and phone callers with great kindness. Prioritizing people by meeting the needs of students coming to the front desk, parents at the front window, and callers on the line without neglecting online encounters with potential new community members through Blackbaud or email will require flexibility and adept secretarial skills. The right new team member will be able to make sure that every individual encounter, whether with guests and online inquirers or with long-time community members, leaves people happy about their relationship with our school community.

St. Joan of Arc Secretary / Admissions Assistant Job Description


Part-Time 2-3 Classroom Aide

Aides have a special and unique role in helping our school accomplish its mission. Although their work is not always immediately noticeable to outsiders, it is essential. This position will assist teachers such that all students, those requiring an intervention or accommodation or just needing a little extra help, receive the support they need to succeed. This is a great way to experience the joy of little minds learning in a part-time way. Flexibility, energy, and accomplishing much without ever making students feel rushed is part of the skillful balance in an aide's work.

St. Joan of Arc Classroom Aide Job Description