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To Build A Fire

October 11, 2017
By SJA 8th Grader Bennett

Over the past year, SJA has focused on descriptive writing at all grade levels as a way to foster students' creative thought process and enhance their communication skills. The fruits of our labor are definitely showing and so we will be showcasing students' work through out the year.

Recently, Mrs. Leonard's 8th grade class wrote some descriptive paragraphs as part of a test.

The prompt was:
Explain the theme of To Build a Fire (which is a short story we read in class). What is the theme of the story? How do you know this? How does the setting play a role in the theme?

SJA 8th Grader, Bennett, wrote:
"The theme of the story "To Build a Fire" is that you should always trust in others and have faith. For without faith, we are nothing but empty bodies seeking and looking to serve a better, more supreme purpose. The man in the story had no faith, so he had to face the worst fate imaginable: death. I know this because in the beginning, an old man warns him of the weather, but he ignores the old man and thinks he will be fine. But he is not; he gets frostbite.

The way the setting plays a role is by presenting the man with a conflict. This conflict is man vs. self vs. nature. This is because the man has to deal with self-doubt, but then must also fight the mean conditions of the Klondike."