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I Think I Changed My Mind

July 04, 2018
By Power of the Pencil Club Member- Emily B

Ever thought about someone in one way and then discover they had a kinder side?  SJA Power of the Pencil club member Emily explores how one can change their mind about people.  Enjoy this summer reading...

I Think I Changed My Mind
By Emily B.

“Get a move on, Willow!” Mom called up the stairs.

“I’m going over my list one last time, to make sure I have everything,” I yelled back as I scrambled to find my two bathing suits.  I was excited and all to go on vacation to the Outer Banks, with my family, Anna (my bestie), and her family, but the flight there was going to be terrible.  Nine hours on a plane, then a six hour drive to the beach house! I was running down the stairs when my sister Lily shoved me out of the way.  “Hey watch it!” I yelled.

She replied, “I wouldn’t have pushed you, if you weren’t in my way!”
“Or you could be patient,” I nearly screamed.

“Girls, calm down or you aren't going!” Mom yelled.

“I can’t.  Ella is calling my name,” she whispered snootily, checking her phone.  Lily turned around and walked back up the stairs, mumbling about how she forgot her pillow.

“You know Ella is not coming with us!  She is a Johnson and we are going with the Evans,” I whisper-yelled.

“Plans have changed, dummy!  We are going with the Johnsons,” she said sassily.  I glared at her and ran down stairs.  I found my mom in the sitting room reading a book.

“Mom, Lily just told me Ella is going on vacation with us.  Is that true?” I asked.

Mom replied, “Yes, in fact Ella’s whole family is going with us.”  At that my eyes got wide.  “Ellie will be there for you to hang out with.  This way everybody has a friend,” she also said not looking up from her book.  I just groaned.

About a half an hour later we were on the plane.  “What movie do you want to watch first?” Dad asked.
“Actually I have to read for a school project,” I said sadly.

“I thought you were rating your vacation?”  he said confused.

“I was going to, until I found out it was going to be terrible,” I replied.

“You told me Ellie was one of your good friends,” he said scratching his chin.
 I rolled my eyes and explained, “Anna is my best friend!  Ellie is my enemy!  I complain about her every day!  On the last day of school, she pushed me down the well next door!   Remember, I fractured my wrist,” I whisper-shouted.

“Oh, yeah.  I remember that now.  I’m sorry Willow, part of the reason we’re going with the Johnsons is because your mom and I thought Anna was a jerk to you,” Dad explained.

“Ugh, but I guess I forgive you,” I said softly.

“I can tell that I am not forgiven,” he said apologetically.

“Yeap, you’re right,” I replied.

After we arrived at the beach house, I unpacked my things.  Ellie and I didn’t make eye contact.  She was on her bed doing her nails, because she had arrived over an hour ago.  “Bye lame-o, I’m going to the beach,” she said with sassiness.

“Well, are you not going to change?” I asked.

“You really are stupid. I live with this baby on,” she replied while taking off her shirt to show her bathing suit.  She then added, “Toodles!”  I rolled my eyes.

By the time I done unpacking it was time for dinner.  We were all at the table praying, when Ellie walked in, dripping wet.  I just ignored her and ate my steak kabob and crab legs.  Soon we were all done and in the pool outside.  It was so big!  The water was so clear you could see every bottom tile.  There was a slide and two diving boards.  I was having so much fun I almost forgot about Ellie, until Mom said it was time to go to bed.

The next morning when I woke up, Ellie wasn’t there.  That didn’t matter to me, yet.  So, I put my swimsuit on and ran to the kitchen.  I ate a quick breakfast while my mom was on the phone.  I wanted to go swimming so I called over my shoulder, “Mom, I’m going swimming!”  I didn't wait for a response because I heard her say “Sure”.  But a second later after the door slide behind me, I missed my mom yell, “Willow!  Wait!”  I jumped into the pool, and the last thing I remembered, was two soft arms grabbing my arm, before I blacked out.

“Please wake up Willow!  Wake up!” someone was saying over and over while crying.  I opened my eyes to see that Ellie was the one speaking.  Mom was getting ready to do CPR.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“Oh my gosh, Willow, you're alive.  I thought you were a goner,” Ellie said hoarsely while mom sobbed in relief.

“What happened?” I muttered.

“You drowned, but Ellie was sun-tanning on a chair, saw you not surface and saved you,” mom explained between sobs while Ellie blushed.

“What?  You saved me?  Thank you.  Thank you,” I exclaimed.  A few minutes later I was taken to the hospital.  Mom and Ellie were there with me.

A day later I was out of the hospital and walking on the beach laughing with Ellie. Yes, Ellie.  You know, I think I changed my mind about Ellie. She is a good person deep down.  I just needed a life- threatening situation to find that out.


Stacy Leicht says:
July 05, 2018 09:49 AM CST
Emily- you are a fantastic author. I loved the theme of the story. It can be a great lesson to all of us! Love Aunt Stacy