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Educational Objectives

The educational goals for St. Joan of Arc School are based on the nature of the child and the child’s relationship with God, with self, and with others. The following statements reflect the expectation that an SJA student will strengthen and deepen their faith throughout their years at SJA.

A Devout Disciple who…

-can follow God
-can use their talents to convey God’s message
-can use the lives of the Saints as role models of discipleship
-can learn to pray and say  “thank you” to God and others
-can model Christ’s values in their walk with others
-can learn to love themselves and others as children of God

A Critical Thinker who..

-can consider how their choices convey and reflect God’s message
-can think deeply about their faith
-can respect traditions of others
-can use good judgment in making decisions
-can respect people who are different from them

An Effective Communicator who…

-can express their thoughts and ideas through speaking and writing
-can listen reflectively and engage in dialogue
-can show empathy for other’s ideas
-can take turns listening and speaking
-can present ideas with empathy and compassion for others
-can listen actively and critically to understand and learn in the light of Gospel values
-can speak up for others

A Life Long Learner who…

-can search for God’s truth in everything and every action
-can use the gifts and talents given to them by God
-can build on their strengths and weaknesses
-can set goals
-can accept change
-is proud of the good things they do
-knows we are all equal and special

A Collaborative Contributor who…

-can use the talent given to them to work toward common goals
-can work with others and share ideas
-can participate and accept various roles when working as a team member
-can recognize the need to contribute to their class, their community, and the world
-can show pride in their school

A Family Member who…

-can respect the ideas and talents of their family
-can share their love and care in their actions and words
-can act to help others in need
-can love their family, church, school and community
-can model the strong love Jesus had for His holy family
-can show respect for all those who care for them (caregivers)
-can respect differences in boys and girls as God given gifts
-can respect the role of the Religious in the church community

An Engaged Participant who…

-can follow the rules
-can respect community helpers
-can be responsible for their own actions
-can learn about and contribute to improving the life for others
-can contribute their talents and knowledge to the world around me
-can make a difference by taking care of resources and sharing what they have
-can appreciate that our human rights come from God and that our country protects those rights

"My time at SJA really prepared me for my high school experience. Especially in helping me with time management skills. The teachers at SJA work with you on a personal level and want you to succeed."
- Mina Youseef, SJA 2016 graduate
and current St. John's Jesuit student