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February Letter to Families

February 05, 2020
By Mr. Gabriel Jakubisin

Dear St. Joan of Arc Families, 

I’ve run through a number of different ideas to write about in this month’s Letter to Families. While I’ve thought of many topics that would be fun to write about, I’ve struggled to settle on one that would be most beneficial for our community. 

That being said, perhaps a short, hopefully uplifting, note on gratitude will suffice for this month. According to some, we’ve passed the “most depressing day of the year” -- Blue Monday -- January 20th. Some years ago, the 3rd Monday of January received this unofficial title. Certainly, although the days are getting longer, spring seems to approach slowly at this time of year. To my mind, the antidote, or part of it, is gratitude. 

● One of our students, unprompted, drew me the wonderful picture for today’s letter. 

● Mrs. Schmakel, Mrs. Perry, Sr. Kathleen, and Mrs. Smith make our office a bright and cheerful place to work. 

● Our students behave wonderfully at Mass and sing even better than they behave. 

● Our teachers pour themselves out generously for our students. 

● Our parents care deeply about their children and long to see them succeed and be happy. 

● So many members of our school and parish community attended the Cross & Shield Gala on Saturday night. 

● Innumerable individuals stepped up and gave numberless hours to make that event a great success. 

...for these things, I am truly grateful. 

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or my staff with any questions or concerns. And thank you for entrusting SJA with your children’s education and formation. 

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us! Go Warriors! 

Gabriel A. Jakubisin
SJA Principal

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