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I Forgot a Pencil!

August 06, 2018
By Power of the Pencil Club Member- Sophia F.

Have you purchsed your school supplies?  Make sure that you do so you don't have a nightmare like Power of the Pencil club member Sophia.

I Forgot a Pencil
I get up to run and try to beat the door but trip on a chair and fall. I lift my head up and see the door close. I limp back to my seat and sit down. I turn to my left and ask for a pencil. “Only one.” Is my response. I turn to my right and get the same answer. I ask everyone around me and they all say no.

But just my luck, it’s math test day. So my teacher thinks that I was asking for answers. Then I get sent down to the principals office. I’m in there so long I miss the whole period. Dangit. I’ll just have to do it tomorrow.

But it’s winter. We have a snow day the next day.  And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. 

I never end up taking my math test. Then I flunk math! I get held back a year and graduate 3 years later then everyone else. I at least try to get a job but get rejected each time. I can’t afford college and can’t get an apartment.  I then realize this was all because of one thing.

I forgot a pencil. 

This story is not true. I made this story up, but it teaches a lesson: Always come prepared.