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Meet Mr. Jakubisin

June 20, 2019
By Gabriel Jakubisin

Hello! I'm Mr. Gabriel Jakubisin and I will begin as SJA's interim Principal on July 1st. Allow me to use this post to introduce myself a little. Although my wife and I have a passion for Catholic education, as it is for many of you, our primary vocation is to each other and then to our children. I'm a child of God first, a husband second, a father third, and then a Catholic educator. I really believe that those roles define (or start to define) me. In those four relationships, my faith, my marriage, my parenthood, and my role in Catholic education, are my greatest joys. 

My call in faith (and the beginnings of my vocation to Catholic education) came in the form of a reading about Paul's evangelization at a daily Mass my sophomore year of high school. Since that time, I've believed that I was called in a special way to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. (Of course, all Christians are called to spread this Good News - but not everyone makes a career of it!)

Over time, this developed into a call to education and I began teaching high school theology. My experiences as a teacher and talking to teachers, parents, and administrators all over convinced me of the importance of leadership in our Catholic schools. Thus, I applied to the Remick Leadership Program of the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame. I'll graduate from the Remick program next summer (July 2020). My goal as a Catholic educator (and now as a Catholic school leader) is to help every student form a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ in the context of receiving a stellar education. After all, since all truth comes from God, studying in any discipline can lead one closer to the God who created us, loved us when we were lost, saved us, and offered us eternity in Heaven.

A note on summer break: Not long after we began our school summer break, the Church also entered into Ordinary Time following the celebration of Pentecost on June 9th. There's nothing ordinary about it though. This time is extraordinary! Each week of the year, every Sunday, the Church remembers Jesus' Resurrection on the first Easter morning. Even though we've left the Easter season, we still have a mini-Easter celebration at Mass every Sunday! As Catholics, our Sunday obligation to attend Mass becomes less of an obligation and more of a celebration as we realize the joy of what we celebrate. My wife and I like to call this season of the Church "Anniversary Time", because every Sunday is like a little anniversary celebration commemorating the events and mysteries of our faith!

Especially if you are traveling this summer, make sure to attend Mass wherever you go. One of the most powerful experiences of my life was hearing the Mass in multiple languages in different countries during a high school trip to Europe. When you see and hear and participate in the Mass away from your home parish or home city, you experience the universality of the Church at a different level. In 2014, I attended a Mass in Shanghai in China - and felt right at home! Closer to home, I'm looking forward to taking my family to Our Lady, Star of the Sea in New Smyrna Beach, FL this summer. My kids will get to see that, even a thousand miles from home, they'll always be at home in a Catholic church.

So, enjoy this "anniversary time" with your loved ones and with the Church. I hope your summer is off to a great start and is full of grace and refreshment! God be with you!

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!
Go Warriors!

Gabriel A. Jakubisin
SJA Interim Principal

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