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June Letter to Families

June 08, 2020
By Mr. Gabriel Jakubisin

Dear St. Joan of Arc Families,

Although the celebratory Sacraments of Initiation received by our 2nd and 8th graders this week, the existence of racism and social injustices in our country, and today’s feast of Trinity Sunday may not seem closely related, it is our faith which allows us to view them together.

The Bishop of Toledo added his voice on Thursday to the many voices crying out for justice for those in our nation suffering due to racial prejudice and other social injustices; I shared his words with our SJA community that afternoon. It is possible, despite the divisive rhetoric we commonly see on social media, to ask all people of good will to work against racial injustice without supporting rioting or accusing all police of brutality. We have many fine, heroic members of law enforcement in our SJA community whom we want to support; we also have many members of our SJA community who have faced the terrible, sometimes flagrant but sometimes unnoticed, injustices and racial prejudices permitted by a country that still has not yet achieved its dream of “liberty and justice for all”. We must support them too.

The Mass is the perfect place to bring our longing for such justice. Today’s feast, the celebration of a central mystery of our faith, three divine persons in one divine being, asks us to reflect on the interplay of unity and community. We call the Church the “Body of Christ” because the members of the Body must imitate the unity and community they find in their Lord and God. But, the Lord that we look to in our religion is not only a bright and beautiful image of perfection; we have a God who endured great suffering at the hands of his own people and died for their sins. At every single Mass, the priest breaks the consecrated Host in half during the “Fraction Rite” (this is just before or during the Lamb of God). As it was on the Cross 2000 years ago, so in our Masses today, the Body of Christ is broken. It is broken symbolically by the priest, it is broken in each of our own sinful hearts, and it is broken in our lived reality of disunity and injustice. We have not yet reached the unity and community to which we are called.

Our 2nd graders yesterday received into their bodies the living Sacrament of our Lord, bringing them to a greater participation in divine life and a greater participation in our communal Mass. Our 8th graders on Tuesday were filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit in their Confirmation. With our students, may the continual reception of the Eucharist and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our community strengthen us to continue the work of Jesus Christ as we heal the Body of Christ on earth.

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us! Go Warriors!

Gabriel A. Jakubisin, SJA Principal

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