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SJA School Lenten Activities

March 19, 2018
By SJA Faculty

Lent is a special season that offers us a time to prepare our hearts for the pinnacle of our faith—the suffering, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. At SJA, we use this time as a reminder to change the things in our lives which separate us from Jesus. Some of our students will choose to give-up something like candy or TV. Others may choose to add something to their daily lives that will bring them closer to Jesus, like extra time given over to prayer or volunteering extra time in the community. Whatever the case, the students learn that keeping our resolutions are difficult and that sometimes we may slip, but it is a good lesson to keep on trying and not to give up. Within each classroom, our students, faculty and staff also take the time to focus on Lent in some special ways to develop a greater appreciation of the life that God is calling each of us to lead.
- Mrs. Guzman, SJA Principal

Preschool is learning that good deeds can bring us closer to God.  Our students write down their good deed with their parents and then bring it in to fill our Easter basket.  It is almost full already! Our students learn that even the smallest of size can do a good deed.
-Mrs. DeDad, preschool teacher

Kindergarten has been working on "covering our classroom with love".  The students earn hearts (tying into our parish theme of 40 days to a new heart) both at school and at home for doing acts of kindness or love.  If we are able to fill our classroom door, we look forward to spreading our hearts down the hallway! How neat it would be to cover our SCHOOL with love!
- Mrs. Shinaberry, Kindergarten teacher

​First grade is learning the Stations of the Cross and each student is making a book that depicts each station.  We also are making footprints (tracing our own feet) so that we can "Follow Jesus" through the desert these 40 days of Lent.   We have made stained glass crosses to put behind our footprints to remind us that Jesus will bring us the bright new life of Easter.
-Mrs. Ponzi, first grade teacher

The Lenten journey has begun in 2nd grade!  During this time of prayer and reflection, the students of 2nd grade will be completing Stations of the Cross books, writing letters to our Unbound friends, and collecting cans for the Church food pantry.  We will also focus on several Good Shepherd works including the Cenacle and City of Jerusalem.
-Mrs. Savage, second grade teacher

Third grade is completing a page each day in our journals about our Lenten journey. Each student takes some quiet time each day to reflect and write in their journal.
– Mrs. Siebenaler, third grade teacher

Fourth grade reflects and fills in a Lenten poster to count down this special time to Easter.  We also made our Lenten promise on a foot, and then we put them on the wall leading to the cross to show that our Lenten promise leads us closer to God.
-Mrs. McKinnon, fourth grade teacher

Fifth grade have been helping their kindergarten buddies with Lenten activities including making bookmarks and creating materials to help them understand and follow the Stations of the Cross.
-Mrs. Donnelly, fifth grade teacher

Sixth grade students created a 40 Days to a Better Heart bulletin board and each day they add hearts to it.  These hearts reflect on what the students have done with good deeds, extra prayers, and sacrifices that they have completed.
-Mrs. Bombrys, sixth grade teacher

Seventh grade visited with Sister Valerie to learn about the historical roots of Lent and how the season has changed over the centuries. Among other things, students learned that Lent used to be much longer. We say the Rosary weekly, reflect on our Lenten promises, and will be writing a thank you note to someone who has helped us. A special project that all seventh grade students work on is a cross project. Using a variety of materials, students create a cross that incorporates symbolism and is three dimensional.
-Mrs. Baker, seventh grade teacher

Eighth grade has a very special role in our school Lenten activities.  They will lead and perform in the Mime Stations of the Cross. The students prepare for many hours both in practice and in prayer to have the right mindset for this type of Stations of the Cross.  Their hope is to connect with our entire student body and have even the youngest student realize what Jesus did for all of us.
-Mrs. Cain, eighth grade teacher