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Mary is My Spiritual Mother

May 09, 2018
By SJA 8th Grader Katherine L.

Each May, SJA 8th grader girls are given a prompt to write an essay in Religion class.  This essay is voted on by the SJA faculty and staff to select one 8th grader to crown Mary.

Yesterday, Katherine L. was selected to crown Mary during our May Crowning celebration.  Here is her essay:

Mary is my spiritual mother that I strongly admire.  Not only is she an inspirational figure in our faith, but she's also a guide for my journey through life.  Mary has influenced my life in so many ways.  She's been, and will continue to be, my guide through everything that I do, and will do, in my life.  I look up to Mary for a plethora of reasons.  She's influenced my life in ways that I'm just beginning to comprehend.  She has influenced me to trust in God and never doubt His plan for me.  The fact that Mary didn't say no to being our Savior's mother is a prime example of how much she believed and trusted in God.  I truly admire how strong Mary's faith was, and I aspire to gain some of her qualities and virtues.  

My mom is someone that exemplifies Mary and her virtues.  She also guides me, alongside Mary, on my path through life.  She's taught, and continues to teach, myself and others about the importance of our faith.  My mom also has a stong and well-built faith, which allows her to be a role model for me and my faith.  I am so blessed to have both of these strong and lovely women in my life, to give me the strenght and guidance that I need to fulfill my faith journey through the life that our Lord has created for me.

-Katherine L, SJA 8th grader