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August 02, 2017
By SJA's Power of the Pencil Bloggers

As the summer winds down, many students start to have appointments to get ready for the new school year.  Today, SJA Power of the Pencil blogger Katie shares her experience with braces....

Whirrr! “No please not the needles!” I yelled. “Relax, I am just testing the equipment, we are not going to put on your braces yet,” said the orthodontist.

You are probably wondering why I am in this mess. To make a long story short, my teeth didn’t come in right so I am at the orthodontist’s office to get braces to fix them. Dumb teeth!

“Ok Katie, we are ready to start now. Are you ready?” asked the orthodontist. A million feelings rushed through my head at that moment; anger at the universe, fear of the sharp needles, and sadness at the unfairness of all this. “No,” I said, “But it had to happen eventually”. I walked over to the chair, the chair that would put me in braces, the chair where I would sit for one hour in agony, the chair that would start the two years of long pain and suffering. Those few seconds felt like an eternity.

The first part wasn’t that bad. She had me pick the color of my rubber bands and told me about the procedure. I had to lay there and wear this mouth guard that kept my mouth open the whole time. She brushed my teeth with this really weird toothpaste. It was flavorless but it was filled with sand! Ick! She had me wash my mouth out with water afterwards, but it was still in there.

The next part of this torture extravaganza was when she made my mouth really dry by blowing air around it so the brackets could stick to my teeth. She used this special type of glue to stick the brackets to the teeth. Once she got to the back teeth, I saw her look of surprise. She whispered to another orthodontist who walked over, looked at my mouth, and left. He then whispered to another orthodontist, who also walked over. Soon, about six orthodontists were staring at my mouth. Seriously, how many orthodontists does it take to work out this problem? “Sorry, that bracket is lost Lisa,” said an orthodontist, shaking his head. BRACKET?!? Then, I felt something small go down my throat... found the bracket.

They moved on from the situation. She handed me a pair of sunglasses and told me to put them on, brushed some sort of liquid on my teeth like you would do with fluoride, and shone a UV light in my mouth over each bracket. She then told me to wash out my mouth. Luckily, I found the mystery liquid washed off more easily than fluoride. FINALLY, the waiting was almost done; she put a wire through the brackets in my mouth and tied it.

“All done” she said. I handed her the sunglasses and she took out the mouth guard. Then, she handed me a mirror, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH! I examined my braces from every angle, I ran my tongue over them, I blinked my eyes not believing what I was seeing. They actually didn’t look that bad. A few brackets of ceramic, some mint green bands, and a metal wire connecting it all.

I touched them with my hand. “Ouch it hurts to touch them” I complained. “Yes, they will be sensitive for the first few days” said the orthodontist. She went over things about braces, foods I can eat, how to brush, sleepovers, and a few other things I pretended to listen to while staring at myself in the mirror. Wow, I have braces. My mom asked me a few questions in the car about the procedure, but all I could think about was the next few days of agony. But that’s a different story. Ok, I will hopefully write again soon, Katie out! Ouch, just hit my tongue against my braces!


Wooster Music Camp Review

July 16, 2017
By SJA's Power of the Pencil Bloggers

Many SJA students have attended the Wooster Music Summer Camp with SJA Band Director, Mrs. Kazmierczak. SJA's Power of the Pencil Club member, Meghan, reviews the Wooster Music Cmp for The Arc, SJA's blog:  

This week I went to Wooster Music Camp. It was SO much fun! It is an over-night camp where you stay for 5 days. There are 3 different bands. The Kazmierczak Band (the easy band), The Wardeska Band (the intermediate band), and The Dubuy Band (the hardest band). You have sectional breakouts so that if you are having trouble with your music, they will help you. I was the only one playing the baritone, so it was like a private lesson.  

My favorite part about camp was playing my instrument! You don't just play your instrument though, you get to have recreation, the staff performs for you, and there is a talent show that the students can perform in. Recreation is when you can go bowling, play pool, play chess, relax, play ping pong, or play the arcade games. Recreation usually lasts an hour. On Wednesday night there is a dance with a DJ, and if you don't want to go to the dance you can go to the recreation activities. My best friend Madelyn was there too, and my sister was able to meet up with her friend Sami that she met last year. I made alot of new friends there.  I sure hope I can go next year because it was SO much fun!


The History of Lego

July 16, 2017
By SJA's Power of the Pencil Bloggers

Ever wonder how Legos were created?  SJA's Power of the Pencil Club member, Oscar, shares his research and thoughts on Legos with The Arc, SJA's blog:

I am writing about how much Legos have changed over the years. I decided to write this because of how Lego is such an iconic toy. I like Legos because they're for all ages, and they have types of Legos for all ages. They have Duplos for toddlers, Legos for older kids, and advanced Legos for even older kids to adults.

Lego toys first started in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. The first toy was a wooden duck with wheels on the bottom. He and his son, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, started making wooden cars, buses, animals, and trains to sell. The first legos weren't painted, but they started painting them when they started to sell them. 

Next I will explain how legos changed. Lego bricks first started when Ole went to a convention in Copenhagen, and saw a machine that made plastic building blocks. He bought a machine and made plastic bears. He had one of the building blocks from the convention and made the blocks you know today, except they didn't have circles in the bottom to connect. Godtfred was thinking of a way for Legos to stick together better when a Lego stuck to his pencil, and he noticed Legos stick better with tubes.

Duplo was first made in 1969 for ages 1-2. When they first came out, they would sometimes be in the sets with regular Legos. The first Duplo characters were made in 1977 with small tube bodies and a head. In 1983 Duplo made normal figures with moveable limbs. In 1992 they made Duplo toolo which you connect with screws and attach to duplos. In my opinion, Duplo changed almost as much as Lego.

Lego has changed significantly since 1932. Lego now has 33 brands, not counting books, games, and movies. There are more sizes and shapes available today. Lego has also added more colors to the bricks. They now come in almost any color. When Lego first started becoming popular, the only colors used were red, yellow, blue, and white. The details of Lego faces have also improved significantly. Some brands that have been retired are Lego Studios, the original Spiderman movies, Jurassic Park, and Indiana Jones. Currently, the most popular themes are Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, Lego City, and Friends. 

I started playing with Lego when I was about 2 years old. The Legos I was introduced to had belonged to my dad when he was young. Some of my favorite sets have been the 1966 Bat Cave and the Star Wars Death Star. I like Lego because it helps fuel anyone's imagination...even adults. I hope you learned something about Lego here and take the time to find some Legos and build on!



Summer Trips to Nani's

July 16, 2017
By SJA's Power of the Pencil Bloggers

SJA's Power of the Pencil Club member, Gavin, shares his summer trip with The Arc, SJA's blog.

This Fourth of July I went to my Nani’s house for my birthday sleepover. I chose to bring my brother Rowan. While we were there, my brother and I blew off a lot of fireworks. My favorite firework was called Spy Truck. It was a truck that used a rocket to move forward. Then it shot one in the front as a gun. After that it shoots a tiny flame into the air. The truck’s back door opens where a tiny spy mobile comes out. The spy mobile is similar to the spy truck in that it does the first two things the truck does. My brother and I also used Roman candles and had wars with tanks.

When we weren’t doing fireworks we played Super Mario Baseball. He beat me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Sadly Rowan had to leave. But then my sister Hayley came for her sleepover and chose me to go with her. I crushed her in Super Mario Baseball XD!

My Aunt and Uncle took us to Chuck E. Cheese. While we were there, my sister stole 20 minutes worth of my game time. I won 659 tickets. In the game Doodle Jump, I got to the top and then I was sucked into a hole. After that, we went to Toys R Us. I got a gumball pinball machine, and my sister got a lego set.

I would love going to my Nani's house every summer.


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