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September Principal's Letter to Families

September 03, 2019
By Gabriel Jakubisin

Dear St. Joan of Arc Families,

As we enter September, the school year is in full swing for our K-8 students. We’ll welcome our preschoolers on Tuesday, September 3rd!

The image I chose for this month’s Letter is of an old barn-raising. This image is in my mind these days as I think of the expression “It takes a village…” It takes the cooperation of so many individuals, working together, to raise our young people well into saints, servants, and scholars. At SJA, we’re blessed to be a part of your family’s village, part of the community that you’ve attached yourselves to in order to raise your children as best as you can.

A key piece of the SJA team is the Parent School Organization. From raising funds for the support of educational initiatives to just building a welcoming community, our PSO is essential. My goal for this year, in this area, is for each family to do two things: 1) Attend at least 1 PSO meeting and 2) participate actively in the 2 PSO fundraisers. We’ve made it even more relevant for you to attend a PSO meeting by designating particular classes or groups of classes for a round table after each meeting. Check the schedule you received at Parent Night to see which meeting has been designated for your children’s classes. The fall fundraiser is selling raffle tickets and the spring fundraiser is La Soiree Rouge on February 1st. Stay tuned for more information on both. Also, keep in mind that we are looking for a lead volunteer for La Soiree Rouge and a new PSO President; if you are interested, let myself or Natasha Reinhart know!

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or my staff with any concerns. And thank you for entrusting SJA with your children’s education and formation!

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!
Go Warriors!


Gabriel A. Jakubisin
SJA Interim Principal