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3B- Mrs. Siebenaler


WEEK OF OCTOBER 23-27, 2017

MATH-  We will begin Chapter 5, Use Multiplication Facts.

READING- We will continue reading Third Grade Angels.

RELIGION- We will finish Chapter 4, The Holy Trinity and take a test on this chapter on Wednesday October 25, 2017.

SPELLING- Unit 10: Long i: i, igh. The homework pages will be sent home on Monday October 23rd and will be due on Friday October 27th. The test on Unit 10 will be Friday October 27th.

GRAMMAR- We will complete Lessons 33-36 and take a quiz over these lessons on Friday October 27th.

SCIENCE- We will learn about air and water resources.

SOCIAL STUDIES- We will take a test over the midwest and southwest regions of the United States on Friday October 27th. The test consists of identifying states on a map. (There will be a word box.) The study guide was sent home today, October 18th.









Denise Siebenaler
3rd Grade Teacher- 3B