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3B- Mrs. Siebenaler



RELIGION- We will finish Chapter 8 (The Paschal Mystery) and have a test over this chapter on Friday November 16th.

MATH- We will continue Chapter 6 (Understand Division).

READING- We will finish reading Third Grade Mix-Up by Michele Jakubowski and take an AR Test on the book on Wednesday November 14th.

SPELLING- This week's Spelling is Unit 14: Complex Consonants, Soft g, Soft c. The homework packet will be sent home on Monday November 12th and be due back on November 16th. There will be a test over these words on Friday November 16th. This week's words are: change, fence, space, age, center, large, since, price, page, ice, dance, pencil, slice, place, city.

GRAMMAR- We will complete Lessons 49-52 in our Grammar book together. There will be a quiz over these lessons on Friday November 16th. 

SOCIAL STUDIES-  There will be an extra credit "test" over all 50 states on Tuesday November 13th. Students will receive one extra credit point for every 10 states they can correctly identify. Students have seen a copy of the test and have been reviewing the states on 

SCIENCE- We will finish working on our in class project on natural resources. We will begin states of matter.


****HOMEWORK HELP- Homework help is available in room 4B every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday until 4:00.















Denise Siebenaler
3rd Grade Teacher- 3B