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Box Tops Program

Box Tops for Education

Collect Box Tops on participating products and turn them in to the school or place in the offertory baskets at Mass.

The school earns 10 cents for every Box Top submitted.  The funds are then used to purchase playground and classroom equipment.  Keep an eye out for Bonus Box Tops!

Our next collection will be in November.

If you have Box Tops, here are some optional tips that will make the submission process easier:
*Bundle your Box Tops in groups of 10 or 50 using a sealable bag or envelope.

*Tape glue or staple Box Tops on a collection sheet, available in the school newsletter or at

*Remember to check the expiration dates! The Box Tops cannot be expired (or missing from the Box Top) in order to count toward our goal.

Our school will receive a check in the spring and the school can use this cash to buy recess equipment and other school supplies.