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Junior High (6th-8th Grade)

6th, 7th & 8th Grade


Google Classroom Codes

6th Grade:

ELA: adwakpb

Science: tfaikhc

Red Math: j5acw2l

Gold Math: j5acw2l

Soc.Studies: mwzash7

Religion: rhoh5um

Spanish: fci3k3h

Band: hlvocdz


7th Grade:

Red ELA: ocktkb2

Gold ELA: u6bvavr

Red Science: 4z6bd3d

Gold Science: ssljsrx

Science Fair: fek47i7

Red Math: iv65yj2

Gold Math: oposmee

Gold Soc.Studies: 7tcnxfn

Red Soc.Studies: upl6qke

Red Religion:  fn3sk6n

Gold Religion: e7njhdk

Spanish: fhhur57

Band: 5zwdpo4


8th Grade:

Red ELA: alwwukl

Gold ELA: hufwpyp

Red Science: d3f5zpe

Gold Science: jvcuw6d

Red Math: qsbowvv

Algebra: myjqj36

Red Soc.Studies: nua2atf

Gold Soc.Studies:4l64mqo

Red Religion: 5a4zxvx

Gold Religion:  wwibopt

Spanish: e5nqwpb

Band: wtsicov



Confirmation: Letters to Fr. Adam Due: 3/21

Confirmation Interviews: TBA


ASP Emails:

ASP is also available to assist/help in answering questions. 

Mrs. Kinnee -

Mrs. Hinds -

Mrs. Padley -

Mrs. Gilsdorf -


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Shannon Leonard
Language Arts, Room 6A

Justin Hummer
Math- Room 7A

Marianne Baker
Social Studies- Room 7B

Brittany Cain
Science- Room 8A

Nathan Rawlins
Religion - Religion Room