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What's Happening in KA?



This Week in KA (May 14-18):

This week has been fun filled!  We enjoyed celebrating the wedding of Q and U on Tuesday with a wedding and reception!  The kids all looked adorable in their dress up outfits and did a great job with their "vows"!  We have also started our end of the year countdown!  The kids have enjoyed popping a balloon at the end of each day and I have enjoyed giving them a little suprise!  They will continue to bring home a small item each day until the end of the year!

In math we worked on our final chapter on sorting and graphing.  The students did a fantastic job and completed the chapter test today!  I am excited to share that we have completed our whole math series and are focusing on a few extra topics until the end of the year!

In reading we continued reviewing our sight words and worked on our writing.  The students completed their final copies and worked on designing a cover for their stories.  They are looking forward to reading them to you on the last day of school.  I also introduced the kids to "Super E" this week!  They were excited to meet the super hero that helps all other vowels say their names!  Be on the lookout for a book to come home that tells this story.

In Religion we focused on ways we can show God our love.

Next Week in KA (May 21-24):

Next week we will be focusing on a few concepts in math.  We will continue to work on coins, their names and value, and also looking at fractions (1/2).  If you have a chance, please let your child sort some coins or split things in half for you over the next week!

In reading we will continue talking about "Super E" and work on an end of the year writing activity.



MONDAY IS A DRESS DOWN DAY FOR $1!  If your child brings in $1, they can wear jeans.  All money raised will go to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  

Wednesday is FIELD DAY!  Students are allowed to dress down in clothing appropriate for sports activities.  We will be enjoying lunch and field day activities in the afternoon.

Your child will be gradually bringing home various items from school that we are finished with for the year over the next couple weeks.  Some items (such as paint shirts) might be worth holding onto for next year!

DON'T FORGET!!!  Our last day of school has changed!  We will conclude our year on Wednesday, May 30th.  Since it is the Feast Day of St. Joan of Arc, we will begin the day celebrating Mass and spend the remainder of the day enjoying class activities.  HOT DOG LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED TO STUDENTS ON THIS DAY!  If your child does not like hot dogs, you are welcome to pack them a lunch.  Parents are invited to join us in our classroom at 2:00!  We will enjoy a few moments in our classroom and then join KB outside on the preschool playground for a simple treat.  This offers the students (and parents) a chance to say goodbye to all their friends and take some photos!  Please remember there is NO EXTENDED DAY ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

I can't believe we have already arrived at the end of the school year!  I have enjoyed each day with your children and look forward to celebrating all their hard work over the next couple of weeks.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!



This Week in KA (May 7-11):

What a busy week we had!  Our week was filled with many extra activities from watching as our eggs hatched, playing with our new chicks, May Crowning, practicing for the QU wedding, and the boys had a chance to learn about boy scouts.  

In math, we finished chapter 11 on measurement and completed the test.  The students did very well!  We started our final math chapter on sorting and graphing.

We read a variety of stories and talked about being good neighbors.  The students have also been working very hard on the stories they are writing.  They are excited to share them with you at the end of the year!

In Religion we talked about Mary and the Rosary.  The kids did an awesome job praying the Rosary during May Crowning.  They also attended Mass for the first time without Church buddies this week, I was very impressed with their behavior.

Please be sure you check your child's book bag this weekend for a special Mother's Day suprise!

Next Week in KA (May 14-18):

We will continue working on chapter 12.  We are also working on the names and values of coins.

We have officially completed our reading series!  I am excited to spend the next few weeks doing some fun projects and exploring some of my favorite chidren's stories with the students.  We have also completed the phonics dance alphabet and have started working on the "hunks and chuncks".  The students are surprised at how many of these they already know from reading!  This week we worked on sh, ch, and th.

We will be celebrating the wedding of Q and U on Tuesday, May 15th.  Students are to DRESS UP for this special occasion.  The students have been told to wear something they would wear to church or to a wedding.  Girls dresses, boys Sunday best!  The one reminder is that they will be wearing them all day and will still be going out for recess!  The preschool students will be coming to watch our ceremony and we will be enjoying a "reception" back in our classroom with cupcakes and dancing!  In some years past, this has all been done in the gym and parents have been invited, however, we have decided to make it a nice way to bring the kindergarten and preschool students together.

You are invited to join us on the last day of school at 11:00!  We will be sharing a couple things with you in the classroom, then joining KB out on the preschool playground for a snack and some time to say goodbye to our friends before summer!

This week was the last week for new baggy books!  When your child returns their books next week, I will not be sending any new books home.  The only exception to this will be students that have not completed all of the book response pages.  Those children will be given a book to use to complete their final assignment.

Next week will be the last week for students to check out a library book.  This gives us time to be sure they all get returned by the end of the school year.

Finally, thank you so much for all of the generous gifts I received over teacher appreciation week!  The handwritten notes and special treats were wonderful surprises!  A special thank you to anyone that also donated items for the teachers lounge desserts and bagels!  It really brightens our days and helps as we enter the home stretch of the school year!


This Week in KA (April 30-May 4):

In math we worked on measurement.  We talked about length, height and weight.

In reading we worked on the -un word family and talked about the letter Q.  We read a funny fantasy story called "Baby Brains", it was a favorite of the class.  We also spent a lot of time working on our stories.  We have gone from making a character, to thinking about how every story has a beginning, middle and end, and have had individual writers workshop meetings with Mrs. Shinaberry.  I am very proud of their hard work and am excited to see their final books!

In Religion we looked again at the Mass and discussed all the ways we learn about God at Mass.  We talked about the readings, Eucharist, and that anytime we are in Church, God is there.

We enjoyed having Toledo GROWS come into our classroom and do a presentation for us about gardens.  The students participated in a puppet show, read stories, sang a song about the parts of a plant and planted both a bean and pumpkin seed.  We are anxious to see which one will sprout first.

Next Week in KA (May 7-11):

In math we will be finishing our chapter on measurement and beginning to look at graphing.

In reading, we will be reviewing the letters of the alphabet and all of our sight words.  We have finished the list of words in our series and will spend the remaining weeks reviewing.  We will also begin working on "hunks and chunks" as part of our phonics dance.  The students will continue to discuss the letters Q and U, and prepare for our upcoming QU wedding.  We will continue working on our writers workshop stories.

In religion we will be talking about Mary and celebrating May Crowning on Tuesday.  

Thank you to everyone that purchased books from the school book fair, the money supports our classroom and school library book supplies!  The kids really seemed to enjoy looking at all the books.

We are anticipating some new friends in our classroom next week!  Our chicks should be hatching over the next few days and we are very excited to observe them in our classroom!

Please be sure that your child is continuing to work on their baggy books each evening.  They will be bringing home another book report page to be completed this week and returned.

Finally, please be sure your child is in uniform for school each day unless they are using a jeans pass.  With the change in weather, I have seen an increase in out of uniform clothing.  Girls must be in either their jumper or blue/tan shorts or pants.  No plain colored skirts are allowed.  Boys must be in either navy or tan shorts or pants.  I know many pants are becoming worn out, but please do not send your child to school in pants with holes in the knees.  Shoes should be mostly blue, black, gray or white.  If you have any further questions, please refer to the handbook for specifics.  I appreciate your help in ensuring the KA students are following the school rules.


This Week in KA (April 23-27th):

In math we finished our chapter on 3D shapes and took our test today!

In reading we worked on our -ut word family.  The kids have really been doing a great job reading with partners and working together to sound out words and work together.  We read stories about what we do when something is difficult and compared those stories.

In religion we finished our chapter about the earth and read the about Noah's Ark!

We enjoyed watching Opera on Wheels and the talent show this week.  We also were happy to see the sun and feel some warmer temperatures!  A few more minutes of recess were enjoyed by everyone!

Next Week in KA (April 20-May 6th):

In math we will begin chapter 11 on measurement!

In reading we will be working on the letter Y and the -un word family.  We will be adding our final sight words, off, our, day, take, too and show.  We will have completed all the sight words in our series after this week!  Please be sure you are working on them at home.  We will continue reviewing them at school the remainder of the year as well!

We have started working on a big writing project!  The students are excited to become authors and illustrators of their own stories.  Today we started to brainstorm and create our main characters.  I am already excited with the creativity of each of the kiddos!  I can't wait to watch their ideas grow!

In religion we are going to work on talking about Mass.  We will be starting to attend weekly Mass without our church buddies soon.  I have been very pleased with the students behavior at Mass!

Our chicken eggs are still in the incubator!  We are looking forward to seeing them hatch soon.  We will approach the 21 day mark towards the end of the week and can hardly wait!

NEXT WEEK IS OUR SCHOOL BOOK FAIR!  We will be taking the students on Monday to preview and create wish lists!  You are welcome to send money with your child on Monday for them to purchase books, or you can bring them back later in the week.  If you are unable to come in after school with your child, please send money and a note and we will be sure to find a time to take them back down to the book fair again!  The book fair will also be open following each Mass this Sunday if that is convenient for you!



This Week in KA (April 16-20):

In math we learned about spheres, cylinders, cubes and cones.  We also talked about the difference between 2D (flat) shapes and 3D (solid) shapes.  We will be finishing this chapter next week!

In reading we looked at the -ug word family and read stories about what it is like to be little.  We also spent a fair amount of time working on our writing.  The students wrote their opinions on what their favorite thing to do with their family is.  We focused on using capital letters at the beginning, spaces between our words, and punctuation.  Their writing is really coming along!

We were excited at the arrival of the incubator and eggs.  We have a variety of types of chicken eggs, all different size and colors!  We are also very curious to see about one specific egg, we believe it is a duck egg (at least Mr. Shinaberry is pretty sure!) but are hoping it will hatch and the mystery will be solved!  Ask your child to tell you what they have learned about eggs and the chicken life cycle so far!

We also began talking about Earth Day and discussing how God created the Earth.

Next Week in KA (April 23-27):

In math we will be finishing our chapter on 3D shapes.

In reading we will focus on the letter Z and the -ut word family.  We will be adding the words look, out, put, saw, their and very to our word wall.  Thank you for all the hard work on sight words at home!  The kids are feeling very confident and their reading keeps getting better and better each day.

In religion we will continue looking at how God made the Earth.  We will talk about the creation story and Noah's ark.

I am looking forward to seeing most of you at the 9:30 mass on Sunday.  We will have donut holes and juice in the Atrium immediately following mass.  The ushers have been asked to put out reserved signs so that we are able to sit together in Church, please keep your eyes out when you arrive.

Next week we will be celebrating the kindergarten school mass.  A couple students from each kindergarten class have been selected to have a small part.  As always, if you are invited to join us for mass at 8:30!


This Week in KA (April 9-13):

In math we started our chapter on 3D shapes.  We began sorting shapes and learned about spheres.

In reading we read stories about trying hard and compared books.  We looked at the -ub word family and worked on writing sentences using our sight words.

In science we took a close look at eggs and learned the parts of an egg.  This weekend, ask your child to teach you about the parts of the inside and outside of an egg.

In religion we talked about Jesus' family and how our families are the same.  The children had a hard time imagining Jesus as a kid!

Our field trip to the Valentine Theater was lots of fun.  The show was great and the students did great!  Thank you again to the chaperones that joined us!

Next Week in KA (April 16-20):

In math we will continue learning about 3D shapes.

In reading we will be adding the sight words have, help, one, every, ask and walk.  We will look at the -ug word family.  We will focus on understanding characters and comparing and contrasting our stories this week.

In religion we will continue talking about Jesus' family and begin looking at how God created our earth.  This will lead into our discussions about Earth Day.

I am looking forward to our class Mass on Sunday, April 22nd.  Thank you to those that have returned their RSVP, and please remember they are due by Monday if you have not already turned yours in.

As always, we will be having library on Monday, so please be sure your child returns their book!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!!  You are invited to join us on the last day of school for a short gathering from 11:00-12:00 (reminder we dismiss at 12:00 that day!)  We will spend the time celebrating the completion of kindergarten!


This Week in KA (April 9-13):

Hard to believe Spring break is coming to an end and we are entering the final stretch of the year!  I feel like this school year has flown by!  Below you will find information on what is happening this week as well as some important information on things coming up over the next few weeks.  Please be sure to jot down any important dates and keep your eyes out for future emails regarding more specifics as we approach the end of the school year.  It is a busy time with lots of fun squeezed in wherever we can fit it!

In math we are going to be starting our next chapter on 3D shapes!  The students did awesome with 2D shapes, so I am looking forward to moving forward.

In reading we are entering our final Unit.  We will continue adding sight words each week and studying some remaining word families.  We will be looking closer at the letter "U" and will also begin working more with blends.  Please continue making baggy books a priority each evening.  The students are really showing improvement in their fluency and confidence in reading.  I have been giving more and more opportunities for independent and partner reading at school, they are really enjoying this!  Keep your eyes out for some simple reading response activities to start coming home as well!

This week we will be going to MASS on MONDAY!  Please no jeans passes!

We will be going on our field trip on Tuesday to the Valentine Theater.  We will be watching "How I Became A Pirate", which will be fun to compare to the book we read before break.  We will be doing a few extension activities during the week as well.

We will continue working through our Religion chapters.  I am also taking time with the students to work more specifically on kindness and being a friend.  There is no doubt that it has been a long winter and we have all developed a bit of cabin fever.  Prior to break I noticed an increase in arguing and behavior issues.  We spent some time talking about kindness and giving each other compliments.  Please know that I continue to have high expectations for the kiddos and feel that most times they are rising to meet them.  I am hoping that we will all return from break refreshed and back on track.  However, as we enter the home stretch of the year, I am expecting that the students exhibit behavior and work that shows me they are ready to head into 1st grade!

It is time for MAP testing again.  Kindergarten will be taking our Spring MAP test on Wednesday, April 11th.  Please do your best to be sure your child has had a good night sleep and breakfast!  We will be taking the test first thing in the morning, so please be sure to have them to school on time.  Remember, this is just ONE WAY we look at how the students are doing academically.  It does not impact their grades and should not be stressed over.  I look forward to seeing how they have progressed from the Fall test!

Wednesday is also a DRESS DOWN DAY for $1.  Melissa Belcher is the mother of 2 students at SJA and the proceeds will be going to help relieve some of the financial burdens of her struggles with ALS.  There will also be an event Wednesday evening at Buffalo Wild Wings from 5-9 at their Maumee location.  Please consider helping support this family.

As the weather begins to improve (I HOPE!) it is my hope that we will be able to get outside more often.  Please be sure that your kiddos are dressed appropriately each day and know that if it is chilly in the morning, but warms up by recess, we will use our judgement on coats, hats, etc.  I know I am anxious to get out and get fresh air, so I will be working to plan more outdoor learning activities to give us all the chance!  Keep praying for warmer temperatures!

Looking ahead: please mark your calendars for our KINDERGARTEN CLASS MASS on April 22nd.  Students and their families are invited to attend Mass at 9:30 and gather for juice and donuts following.  This is a wonderful way to build community and get to know each other better!  Both Kindergarten classes are invited and encouraged to attend!  My family and I will be there and I hope to see all of you as well.  A letter will be coming home for you to RSVP if you will be attending as well as to let me know how many, I want to be sure to order plenty of donuts for everyone!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email!

I also want to let you know of a few things that will be coming up over the next months so you are "in the loop"...

1.  We will be starting an exciting project in our classroom soon so that we can better understand the life cycle and get a hands on look at living things.  We will be incubating some chicken eggs and anxiously waiting for them to hatch!

2.  Toledo GROWS will be coming into our classroom at the beginning of May to do some fun hands on science exploration with us!

3.  We will be having a small celebration for the wedding of Q and U!  This will be a fun activity as we finish up our study of the letters of the alphabet!

4.  We will be having a little end of the year celebration and inviting parents.  More information to come on this once all the details are worked out!

I think that is about it for now!  I hope you have all had a restful Spring break and I am looking forward to hearing all about it from the kiddos on Monday.  As always, let me know if you need anything or have questions on anything!


This Week in KA (March 19-23):

This week in math we finished up our chapter on 2D shapes.  The students will be taking the Chapter 9 test next week.

This week in reading we spent time reviewing our recent sight words and reading about where our food comes from.  We explored how grain grows and is turned into bread.  We also read about a "pie tree" and learned how cherries grow and become pie!

In religion we began looking at the Stations of the Cross.  This is a difficult idea for Kindergartener's to understand, but I have been focusing on how much God loves us and how amazing Easter Sunday is when he rises from the dead.  The students have been doing a great job bringing in hearts for their Lenten good deeds.

Next Week in KA (March 26-29):

We will be taking the chapter 9 test over 2D shapes in math.

In reading, we will continue to look at the stories from this week and will even make our own bread dough.  The students will be amazed at how yeast makes the dough rise!  We will also be looking at the story "How I became a Pirate" to prepare for our field trip after spring break.

We will spend Holy Thursday focusing on activities preparing us for Easter.  We will continue to look at the Stations of the Cross and discussing everything that happens during Holy Week.  I hope all the students will be able to tell me about the Palms they see at Church this weekend in celebration of Palm Sunday!  On Thursday afternoon we will be attending the mime stations.

Please be sure your child has their library books on Monday!  Also, as the weather begins to improve, we will be going out for recess every chance we get!  Please double check that your child is still bringing a hat and gloves, and that the girls are wearing leggings.  It gets chilly if we aren't dress for the ever changing weather!  Come on Spring!!!

Reminder:  There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, March 30th.  Spring break is March 30-April 9.




Jenna Shinaberry
Kindergarten Teacher- KA