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What's Happening in KA?


This Week in KA (March 12-16:

This week in math we continued looking at 2D shapes.  The students learned about rectangles and hexagons.  We worked on sorting shapes and identifying them based on their sides and vertices.

In reading we read about animal adaptations and discussed camouflage.  The students worked on writing their own informative sentences with partners.  We looked at the -en word family and practiced writing sentences using different types of punctuation.  They did an awesome job reading their sentenes with excitement!

In religion we talked about our Unbound friends and spent time looking at ways that we are alike and different.  The students were surprised to see that not everyone lives just like them.

Next Week in KA (March 19-23):

In math we will continue our shape chapter.  The students will continue working on sorting and identifying shapes.

In reading we will be doing a week of review.  We will not be adding any new words, but will work on reviewing the words we have learned over the last 4 weeks.  We will work on the -ed word family.  Our stories will help us practice reading with expression and we will continue to look at using exclamation marks in our writing.

In religion we will be talking more about Lent and will be looking at The Stations of the Cross.  We will also be having mass on MONDAY this week, so please be sure your child is dressed in uniform.

Mrs. Brundage, our school counselor, will be visiting our classroom this week to do a special lesson about the importance of being kind.


This Week in KA (March 5-9):

In math this week we started looking at 2D shapes.  The students have looked at circles, squares and triangles so far.  Ask your child how many sides and verticies each of these shapes has!

In reading we read about different living things and looked at how they grow and change.  As we head into Spring (hopefully!) the students are excited to start seeing some of these changes outside.

In religion we looked at how we take care of ourselves and others.  We discussed how we can be gifts from God to other people by spreading our love and kindness.  The students are doing a wonderful job understanding the meaning of Lent.  They are excited to be bringing their hearts closer to God as we prepare for Easter.

Next Week in KA (March 12-16):

In math we will continue learning about 2D shapes.  We will look at rectangles, hexagons, and begin working on comparing the shapes.  Keep your eyes out for another homework assignment that will support what we are learning!

In reading we will be looking at the letters K and H.  We will be adding the words he, away, must, no, by, and there.  Our word family focus will be on the -en word family.  The students have been spending more time reading with their table groups and with partners.  I am excited to see them developing more confidence as well as supporting one another in sounding out words!

In religion we will be talking more about our Unbound friends, Faith and Joshua.  We have been talking about them throughout the year but will be taking a closer look at what life is like for them living in poverty.  We will be exploring ways our lives are similar as well as ways we are different.  For those who might not remember, Faith is a 6 year old girl from Kenya and Joshua is a 6 year old boy from Columbia.  I love to see the compassion our students show for children they have never met.  It is a wonderful reminder of how God calls us to love and care for our neighbors both near and far.

A few special notes:

MONDAY WE WILL BE CELEBRATING NATIONAL NAPPING DAY WITH THE WHOLE SCHOOL!  Students can wear their pajamas to school!  We will still be having a normal day including recess and gym class.  Please be sure your child is in appropriate pajamas.  No shorts, and girls must wear leggings under nightgowns.  Please refer to the SJA weekly for other limitations.  If students do not wish to wear their pajamas, they may wear their uniforms.

Please be sure your child returns their library book on Monday!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 22nd.  We will be celebrating our Kindergarten class mass at 9:30.  More information will follow, but we are hoping to have as many of our Kindergarten families present as possible!


This Week in KA (February 27- March 2):

Oh what fun we have had this week!  We have spent the last 4 days celebrating Dr. Seuss, learning about his life, and reading LOTS of his stories!  We have enjoyed our special dress down days and having a break from some of our normal routines.  We learned about rhyming words and graphs.  We have colored, cut, and, gone on alphabet scavenger hunts.  We have looked forward to mystery readers coming into our classroom to share stories with us and simply spent time having fun together.

Throughout the week we have been creating a "Dr. Seuss Author Study Journal".  I hope you enjoy looking through the students projects with them this weekend.  They have worked hard and learned a lot!  Thank you so much for sharing your amazing kiddos with me!  I have truly enjoyed sharing my love of Dr. Seuss with them this week!

Next Week in KA (March 5-9):

In math we will begin looking at Chapter 9, Identify and Describe Two-Dimensional Shapes!  Your child brought home our first workbook last week.  This is for them to keep and use for extra practice at home.  It still contains pages that we did not tear out to use together in class.  They do NOT need to return these books, but are a wonderful resource for extra practice.

In reading we will be focusing on the letter E.  Our new words for the week are all, over, some, her, she and when.  We will also be looking at the -et word family.  We will be reading stories about flowers and dreaming of spring!

In Religion we will continue talking about Lent and working on our Lenten project.  The students are doing a wonderful job filling our door with hearts!  Our door was even pictured on this weeks SJA Weekly, if you missed it, be sure to check it out!  We will also be looking at our chapter about how we take care of ourselves and others.

We will also be completing the second "Touching Safety" lesson.  We completed the first lesson in the Fall and will be finishing it in a short lesson during the week.

Reminder that we have Library on Monday, it has been a while since we have had school on Monday, so if your child has a library book they have not yet returned, please be sure to send it with them.



Jenna Shinaberry
Kindergarten Teacher- KA