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What's Happening in KA?

This Week in KA:

In math we continued working on addition and writing number sentences.  The students had a little more difficulty finding the missing addends.  Typically, we think of addition in terms of finding the sum.  A few kiddos found this to be frustrating, but we will continue working on it and I am sure they will get the hang of it.  Take a look at the following examples for ideas on what to be practicing at home.


Sam has 5 apples.  He buys more apple and now he has 10 apples all together.  How many more apples did Sam buy?  Answer:  5+___=10  Sam bought 5 more apples.

In reading we looked at the –an word family.  We worked on sounding our words in writing.  We have been working hard to remember capital letters and punctuation when we write sentences.  We added the words “come” and “me” to our word wall this week.  Many of the students moved up to a new word list this week!  Thank you so much for the continued practice on these.  The students are becoming more confident readers each day.

In Religion we focused on being thankful.  We discussed that all our gifts come from God and how we should remember to tell God thank you in our prayers.

Today, the students were excited to wear our Pilgrim hats and “sail” our Mayflower ship to “America”.  We enjoyed a Thanksgiving Day Feast with 5B and worked on a thankful coloring page.  It is always fun to dress up and celebrate together.

Next Week in KA:

I am looking forward to meeting with you for conferences on Monday and Tuesday!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week filled with lots of family, fun and food!  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful children with me.  I truly am thankful for each of them and the blessings that they bring to me each day!


This week in KA:

In math we worked on addition.  We learned how to read both the word “plus” as well as the symbol “+”.  We also learned about writing addition sentences with addends and a sum.

In reading we worked on summarizing and read the story “Mouse Shapes”.  We also learned about word families and focused on the –at word family.  The students were excited to discover that by simply changing the first letter/sound they were able to read to read so many words.

In Religion we worked on the chapter, “We Thank God at Mass”.  The students took a trip over to Church with Mrs. Terrill to look more closely at the items in Church.


Next week in KA:

In math we will continue looking at addition.  We will work more on writing addition sentences up to a sum of 10.  At home you can practice by giving your child groups of objects and asking them to write an addition sentence using those objects.  We will be working on finding not only the sum, but also missing addends.

For example: 5+5=___   or  3+___=7  

Another way to practice is to give your child a simple word problem and ask them to write an addition sentence to show how they could solve the problem. 

For example:  Two puppies were at the park.  One more puppy comes to play.  How many puppies are at the park now?

In reading we will be working on the –an word family.  We will be adding 2 new sight words this week.  Our new words will be “come” and “me”.  The students are doing a fantastic job moving through our sight word lists!  They are so motivated and excited when they get to start working on a new list!  Thank you so much for all of you hard work on these words at home!  Our letter of the week is Ii.

For Religion, we are going to be focusing on what it means to be thankful!

We will also be talking and reading about the first Thanksgiving.  We will be celebrating on Friday by “sailing a ship” down the hall and having a special “meal” and activity with the 5th graders!

Important Reminders:

  • NO SCHOOL on Monday, November 19th and Tuesday, November 20th.  If you have not yet signed up for a conference time with me, please be sure and check the sign up genius sent out by Mrs. Guzman for the remaining time slots available.
  • Please be sure your child is bringing hats and gloves for recess, and that they are dressed appropriately for the weather.  As it is getting colder the kids are beginning to complain they are cold during recess.
This Week in KA:
We had a VERY busy and eventful week!  The students really enjoyed our Halloween festivities!  A special thank you to all the parents that helped to make our classroom party a big success!  The students looked fantastic in their costumes and really enjoyed themselves.
Thursday, I was impressed with the student’s behavior in Church and enjoyed seeing all the creative saint costumes.  We learned about many different saints and while it is a bit of a difficult concept to understand, the idea of Saints as Catholic super hero’s really seemed to make more sense!
While our week was full of lots of special activities.  We still found time to do lots of learning as well.
In reading we used the book, “Room on the Broom” to explore characters and discuss the problem of the story.  We focused on some new vocabulary such as cloak and cauldron!  In reading stations we completed some comprehension questions about the book as well as matched letters and beginning sounds and uppercase and lowercase letters.
In math we started chapter 5, addition.  We will look more at this topic next week as well.  In also reviewed greater and less a little more.
The students also did a STEM activity where they had to try and balance Lego characters from our “Room on the Broom” story.  They realized that different heights of Legos changed the weight and made it a little more difficult to balance.  They did a great job trying to figure out how to make it all work!
Next Week in KA:
In math we will continue working on our chapter on addition.  Please look in your child’s folder today for their chapter 4 book, their chapter test is on the last pages of this book.
In reading we will be finishing Unit 2 and reviewing our letters and sight words.  No new words will be added, but please be sure you are continuing to practice sight words and number words at home.  We will begin working on our color words as well this quarter.  We will begin looking at the –at word family.
In Religion we will be discussing what it means to be Thankful.  We will be completing our chapter “We Thank God at Mass”.  Thank you to all the parents taking their children to Mass each weekend.  They were very proud of themselves after attending Mass this week with the big kids!
R.E.D. Folders will be coming home again Monday.  A story QR code response sheet will be inside for completion next week. 
A fun homework assignment will also be coming home in their blue folders on Monday!  This assignment will be due the following Monday, November 12th!
Extra Notes:
Tuesday, November 6th is our next Kindness Day.  This is a dress down day, but now that all students have their Kindness shirts, please be sure your child wears it on Tuesday!
Grade cards are available today via Ren Web.  In your child’s blue folder, you will find a parent preconference survey, as well as a note about some of the items that were assessed this quarter.  Please look for these and let me know if you have any questions regarding the grade cards.  Please complete the survey and return it to me no later than next Friday.  This will help me better prepare for our conferences.  A sign up for conference times will be coming out from the office very soon!
FYI the grading system in kindergarten is as follows:
E= Excellent
S+= Above Average Satisfactory
S= Satisfactory
S-= Below Average Satisfactory
N= Needs improvement
U= Unsatisfactory


This week in KA:

This week we had so much fun reading the story, “Creepy Carrots”.  We talked about the letter Cc this week and it worked perfectly with our story!  The students have been working hard to settle into our reading station routine.  This week they used a variety of materials to build fences around the creepy carrots, created their own creepy carrots and independently completed a story response about their favorite part!

As a class we worked on two different reading graphic organizers, we completed both a story map and a Venn diagram!  It was a very big week and I was thrilled with how awesome the students did!

In math we completed chapter 4 and took our test.  Look for these to be coming home next week!

We took a walk across the parking lot and spent some time in Church this week.  We talked about all the rules and important things the students need to know before we go to church for the first time next week!

Thank you to all those families making it to Church on the weekends.  We had a wonderful turnout for our class Mass last Sunday, I hope all that attended enjoyed the time and had an opportunity to talk with some other class parents.

Next week in KA:

We have a very busy week ahead of us…

Monday:  We will be having a special visitor at school!  Anna the therapy dog will be coming into school for a visit!

Tuesday:  We will be meeting with our 7th grade buddies for the first time!

Wednesday:  Halloween!  This is a dress down day, please think through your child’s costume, if they need black leggings or any items that can be worn both as their clothing as well as their costume, that is helpful!  Students are not required to wear uniforms, but costumes will not be put on fully until after lunch/recess.  Helping 24 kiddos get into costumes can be a bit of an undertaking!  We will send all the girls into one kindergarten room and all the boys into the other for changing.  Please send your child’s costume in a bag with their name on it, or inside their book bag.  Props are welcome for the afternoon parade, but please be sure all items coming to school are appropriate for school!  We ask for no makeup or hair color in school.  The school wide parade begins at 1:15. Parents are invited (and encouraged) to watch the parade in the parking lot.  The students will process across the parking lot, into the church and back to the school.  They love having lots of parents create “a tunnel” to walk through!  If the weather does not allow us to be outside, the parade will be moved into the gym.  Our classroom party will follow the school parade.  If you have any questions or specific concerns regarding your child’s costume, please let me know!

Thursday:  All Saints Feast Day!  Father Adam has invited students to dress up as their favorite saint.  An email with specifics were sent home earlier this week.  If you have any questions, let me know!  We will be attending Mass for the first time with our Church buddies and will spend the remainder of the day working on All Saints activities!

Friday:  We will spend Friday regrouping and recovering from the rest of the week!

We will be focusing on the letter Pp, we will add the word “to” to our sight word wall and will be reading a variety of Halloween stories.

In math we will begin chapter 5, addition!

In Religion our focus will be on Saints!

A huge thank you to everyone for the amount of reading and sight word practice that is happening at home!  The kids are so excited to be moving from one sight word list to another!  I am blown away with this group of kiddos!  Keep up the good work.  No QR code response sheet will be sent home this week.  Please complete the R.E.D. folder reading log, but with Halloween and all the evening activities that go along with it, I didn’t want to assign anything extra!

Coming Up:

Keep your eyes out for an email with a sign up genius for parent teacher conferences.  This will be coming from Mrs. Guzman in the near future.

Grade cards will be sent home (via email) on Friday, November 2nd.  A preconference parent survey will also be sent home in your child’s folder that day, please keep an eye out for it.  This survey will help me better prepare for our conference in November!  Simply complete and return the survey to me by November 9th.

An annual event, Brunch with Santa, is coming up on December 1st.  This is a great event help in our school gym.  Food, crafts, games, photo booth, and Santa and Mrs. Claus make for a wonderful event.  If you have not attended in the past, please consider attending this year.  It is one of my personal favorite community activities here at SJA!  Keep an eye out in the SJA weekly for ticket information!



Jenna Shinaberry
Kindergarten Teacher- KA