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What's Happening in KA?


This Week in KA:

In Math we completed the chapter 2 test.  The students did a great job, the chapter 2 books will be coming home next week, you can see your child’s test on the last 4 pages.

In Reading we worked on the word “and” and the letter Mm.  This was the first week we used our handwriting book!  We talked about making sure we pay attention to having our letters fit on a set of lines.  We read the story Pizza at Sally’s and sequenced the events of the story.  We then enjoyed making “pizzas” of our own using crackers, sauce and cheese.  After enjoying our yummy snack at the “Kindergarten Pizzeria”, the students drew pictures to sequence how to make a pizza.  This project was LOTS of fun!

In Religion we talked about the Bible and what a special book it is.  We learned that we can read the Bible ANYWHERE!  To make sure we understood, we headed outside to the playground and read the creation story.  We talked about how God rested on the 7th day and how that is why we make sure we use Sundays as a family day.

We started our first science unit this week!  The kids did an awesome job discussing living and nonliving things.  We also began learning about plants and their parts.

Next Week in KA:

In Math we will be working on chapter 3.  We will focus on modeling, reading and writing the numbers 6-10.

In Reading we are going to focus on the letter Ss and use the week to review our 4 new sight words, I, like, the, and, and.  Please be sure you are working on these words at home as well.  The students received their individual sight word rings in class this week.  They are excited about watching their word rings grow throughout the year.  More information will be coming home next week about the sight word system we will be using throughout the school year.  We will be reading the story, The Little Red Hen.

In Religion we will be learning about how God gives us Animals and Plants.

In Science we will continue looking at plants.  We will work specifically on the plant life cycle!  We have also been talking about the seasons and how we can observe the weather outside to find signs that the season in changing!

RED Folders:  Most students returned their RED folders today along with their reading response sheet.  I only heard from one family that couldn’t get the QR code to work.  They were using an Android device and while they could get to the website, the video would not play.  Please let me know if anyone else is not able to access any of the story sheets I send home.  I will never penalize your child due to a technology issue, but I will try to find another way for your child to view the desired website.  Please let me know if you had any issues so that I can be sure the students are able to complete the work I am sending home.

ALL Library books are due back on MONDAY.  Some students have already finished with their books and have turned them in early.  This is always acceptable.  Students will NOT be allowed to check out another book until their previous book is returned.  Thank you!

Grandparents Day is on Friday, October 5th.  Please note that our Grandparents Day for Kindergarten begins at 8:45 am and ends at 10:00 am.  We do NOT attend Mass. Please let me know if you have any questions!


This week in KA:

This week kicked off our Fall raffle.  If you have any questions, please check the SJA weekly for more information.  The initial information packets were sent home in your child’s blue folder

This week we (finally) completed our MAP testing.  The students did a great job and really took their time.  I was very proud of them.

In Math we began working on Chapter 2, comparing sets.  The students explored set of objects and worked on using the words greater, less and same to compare them.  The words greater and less are a bit tricky.  The students are much more comfortable saying more and less.  This new vocabulary is a bit tricky and working on these words at home would be very helpful!

In Reading we looked at stories about pets.  We focused on discussing the characters (who) and the setting (where).  We also worked on beginning sounds we hear in words.  A great game to play with your child to help reinforce beginning sounds is sound spy.  You spy something, a tree for example, and they have to tell you the beginning sound they hear.  We also added the word “the” to our sight word wall.

In Religion we talked about our Church family and that Church is God’s house.  We talked about the people at our Church and how we all share God’s love with each other.  We also celebrated our Unbound friend, Pedro’s birthday.

Next week in KA:

Monday is picture day!  For more information, check the SJA weekly.

Tuesday is a Kindness Day.  The kindness t-shirts have not yet arrived, but students can dress down if they bring a $1 donation.  All the money raised will go to support Melissa Belcher in her fight with ALS.

In Math we will complete chapter 2 and take the final chapter test.  We will begin chapter 3 looking at numbers 6-10.  Please be sure you are practicing reading number words 0-5 with your child as we will be adding 6-10 soon!

In Reading we will read about different jobs.  We will add the word “and” to our sight word wall and continue working on beginning sounds.

In Religion we will look more closely at the Bible and explore some Bible stories.

In Science we are going to begin talking about living and nonliving things.  We will explore the parts of a plant and the plant life cycle.

Next week, in your child’s RED folder, you will find a story response sheet.  These will be something I send home periodically for your child to complete.  This sheet goes with the story The Biggest Apple Ever.  On the top of the page you will see a QR code.  I would like your child to listen/watch this story and complete the response sheet as one of their evening books.  If you do not have a QR scanner on your phone or tablet, I recommend an app called i-nigma.  This is a free QR reader that can be found in the app store.  Simply open the app, hold the red box over the QR code on the paper and it will automatically scan it.  After it has been scanned it will prompt you to click “go online”, push that button and the story should open.  If you have any questions about this process, please let me know.  This story should be used for one evening and your child can select whatever they would like to read for the remaining 3.  Thank you for the great work this week on the RED folders, I hope you are enjoying the reading time with your child.




September 7, 2018

This week in KA:

  • In math we learned about the number 0 and completed chapter 1!  The students took their very first math test and we learned a lot of test taking skills.  The math tests will be sent home next week.  I was impressed with the student’s work!
  • In reading we read many “How do dinosaurs…” books.  We spent time exploring the illustrations and discussing the setting.  We began talking about beginning sounds and worked on reading the words “I” and “like”.  The students enjoyed helping me write sentences about the animals, foods, games and colors we like.  They did a great job reading these sentences together and remembering to pause when we saw a period at the end of each sentence.  We also worked on writing our names correctly using a capital only at the beginning and lowercase for the rest.  In your child’s folder today you will see a sample of how they did writing their names this way while looking at their nametags!
  • In Religion we focused on how God made us each special.  We read the book “You are Special” by Max Lucado, a personal favorite of mine.

Next Week in KA:

  • In math we will begin chapter 2, comparing numbers to 5.  We will be looking at the numbers that are the same, greater than and less than.  This vocabulary tends to be a bit more difficult for students generally.  It would be great if you helped your child compare numbers using the words greater, less and the same.  Take opportunities that present themselves naturally at home to have your child count and compare.  Who has less cookies?  Who has a greater number of socks in the laundry?  Make it fun!
  • In reading we will be adding the word “the” to our sight word board.  We will continue working on beginning sounds and our stories will focus on pets!  We will continue working on writing our names correctly using a capital at the beginning and lowercase letters for the rest.  Please encourage them to write their names this way at home as well.
  • In Religion we will be talking about our Church family.
  • On Tuesday morning, kindergarten will be taking the MAP reading test.  For more specific information on this test please see the SJA weekly.  This test should not be something your child worries or stresses about.  The best way you can help your child be prepared is to make sure they get enough sleep and have a good breakfast Tuesday morning.  The students did a practice test earlier this week on the chromebooks and we worked on how to use the computers to take a test.
  • Keep an eye out in your child's book bag on Monday for their R.E.D folder... Their Read Every Day folders will begin coming home next week.  A letter will be inside explaining the folder expectations!

Coming Up:

  • Picture day is Monday, September 17th!


August 31. 2018

Happy Friday Families!

It has been another busy week in kindergarten A!  We have really settled into our daily routines and gotten down to business with our learning.  Many of the children enjoyed going to the book sale.  In the future, it is very helpful in kindergarten to have anything sent with your child to school come in their folders labeled with their names, money especially!  I realize the school newsletter said the sale was during lunch, however, we make special arrangements for the kindergarten students to have extra time and extra help when we have special sales and activities.  In the future, please send money with your child in their folder so we can be sure and gather it up and get it to the correct place.  Thank you for your help with this!

This week in math we worked on writing, reading and counting numbers 1-5.  We also looked at ways to make 5 by putting groups together.  This is the very first step in addition.  The kids did a great job filling a five frame with red and yellow counters in different combinations.  We also worked on putting the numbers 1-5 in counting order.

I wanted to address the lack of math papers coming home in your child’s folder.  This year we were able to get individual chapter math books.  This saves a lot of time in the classroom and enables us to move easily from one topic to the next.  This does mean, however, the math pages stay in their books until the whole chapter book comes home.  Today, you will see a couple of math pages in your child’s folder.  These were additional challenge pages we did in class.  I will try to be specific in the newsletter each week so that you know what we are working on and are able to ask your child.  When the chapter books come home completed, there will be pages that we did not complete together.  These will be wonderful options for at home review as well.

In reading this week we continued to look closely at our names.  Many of the students use mostly capital letters still when writing their names.  This is something we are beginning to work on and will continue to talk about throughout the year.  It would be helpful if you encouraged your child to begin writing it this way at home as well!  In addition to our names, we began looking at sight words.  We will learn MANY sight words this year, stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks about how you can work on these words at home with your child as well.

In Religion we enjoyed talking about our families and the many ways our families share love.  The students really liked sharing their scrapbook pages with family pictures, thank you for helping your child with their project.

Next week in KA:

In math we will be exploring the number zero and its value.  We will also be preparing for our chapter 1 test.  The best way to help your child practice for the test is to have them practice counting and writing their numbers.  You can also practice reading the words zero-five.  In your child’s folder today you will find a paper that has number poems we use in class.  These help the students remember how to write each number correctly.  I encourage you to keep this in a safe place for your child to use as a reference.  I still have one hanging on our fridge that my 4th grade daughter brought home when she was in kindergarten!  It really helps the kids remember how to form the numbers.

In reading we will be learning the word “like” and talking about beginning sounds.  We will focus on pausing for punctuation when we read and enjoy reading How do Dinosaurs go to school.

In Religion we will be talking about the Bible and prayer.  During the first quarter we are focusing on learning the Sign of the Cross and the Prayer before meals.  I hope your child is beginning to say these prayers with you at home before meals as well!  We will also look at our chapter, “God made you special”.

Reminders and Extra Information:

Remember there is NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY, September 3rd.

Your child needs to have a drink with their lunch each day.  You may order water or milk via RenWeb lunch order, or you may send a drink with them.  We have had a number of students each day without drinks.  Please be sure you are providing this to them, no water is given in the lunchroom.

I realize the school dress code states that belts must be worn by boys each day.  While this is the goal, at the kindergarten level we understand this can present a challenge for some kiddos.  If your child is not able to buckle and unbuckle their belt independently, please know that I am ok with you deciding not to have them wear one.  I am more concerned with them being able to use the restroom quickly and efficiently.  Also on the uniform note, please know that girls are encouraged to wear shorts under their jumpers.  We spend much of our day sitting on the carpet and shorts under our jumpers help us with our modesty!  Biker style shorts are the most common shorts worn.

Thank you for making it all the way through our long newsletter!  There is so much to share as the year gets rolling! 

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend with your families!

Mrs. Shinaberry          *************************************************************************************************


Jenna Shinaberry
Kindergarten Teacher- KA