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What's Happening in KA?
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
This past week was a great one in Kindergarten and the week ahead to should be even better!
-In reading our stories were focuse on animals and their adaptations.  The students LOVED reading and writing about animals this week.  We explored National Geographic Kids and the San Diego Zoo websites to learn about new animals that the kids were interested in.  We also focused on the -ed word family and the letters Hh and Kk.  At this point we are working on the words on the pink list and focused on this past week on the words he, away, must, no, by and there.
-In math we worked on numbers up to 100.  The students are doing a great job counting by 1's and 10's.  We have also started learning about coins.  We are focusing on the names and values of a penny, nickle, dime and quarter.
-In Religion we focused on the Bible story, "Jesus Blesses the Little Children".
Please continue working at home on your childs progress on their sight words, addition facts, and address and phone number!  Thank you for your support.
This coming week is going to be an exciting one in KA!
TOMORROW IS PIE DAY!  We will be celebrating the well deserved pie challenge with Mr. Witker.  The students will get to each throw a small pie at Mr. Witker and also enjoy eating a small pie (or cookie) of their choice.  I will take pictures and video to share!  We are so proud of their hard work and I am looking forward to celebrating them.
TOMORROW will also be a school wide dress down day to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!  They are encouraged to wear green!  No uniforms required.
In reading this week we will be reviewing the sight words and letters we have covered so far this year.  We will also be completing assessments since it is the end of the quarter!
In math we will continue with our chapter on numbers to 100.
In Religion we will be learning about the Holy Spirit.
REMINDER: We will be going on our field trip to the Valentine Theatre on Thursday.  We will be eating lunch at 11:00 prior to leaving.  Please be sure your child has their lunch that day when they come to school or that you drop it off prior to 11:00.
I have heard that many are not sure what After Meal Prayer we are using in Kindergarten.  Here it is so that you can help your child to say it at home!
Begin with the Sign of the Cross.
We give you thanks almighty God, for all thy gifts which we have received, through Christ our Lord, Amen.
End with the Sign of the Cross.
As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!
Have a wonderful week,
Mrs. Shinaberry
This Week in KA:
507!  Today we reached 507 books read since Thanksgiving!  This means they have reached Mr. Witker’s second challenge and have earned pies to eat on the day we throw them in his face!  The excitement was almost more than we could handle!  We will be celebrating our pie day on Monday, March 18th!  We can’t wait!
This week in reading our stories focused on growing.  We read about how many things grow.  We learned about reading informational books and how to use the graphics to gain even more information.  We focused on the letter Ee and learned about the –en and –et word families.
In math we completed chapter 7 and took our test.  Look for the test to come home next week.
In Religion we focused on Lent.  We attended Mass on Ash Wednesday and the students new this was the beginning of the Lenten season.  We have been discussing how this season is a time to work on bringing our hearts closer to God.  Over the next 40 days the students have promised to do good deeds to help others in addition to anything they may be working on at home with you.  They are excited to work to earn money they can then donate to their Unbound friends.  Lenten project logs and money can be turned in on any Friday during Lent.  For every $5 a student donates, they will receive a butterfly to donate and attach to a cross in the lobby.  We are all excited to watch the cross transform over the next 40 days!
Next Week in KA:
In reading we will be reading about animals and camouflage.  We will be adding the words he, no, away, by, must, and there to our word wall.  Our letter of the week will be Hh and we will be looking at the –ed word family.
In math we will be working on Chapter 8.  This chapter focuses on numbers 20 and beyond!
In Religion we will be reading the Bible story, Jesus Blesses the Children.
Don’t forget LIBRARY on Monday.  Please be sure your child returns their books!
Mass is on Thursday next week.  All students need to be IN UNIFORM on this day.
If you have not already taken a few moments to register for next year, please be sure and complete the reenrollment process soon!  More information on this can be found on the school website.
As always, please let me know if you have any questions on anything.
Enjoy your weekend,
Mrs. Shinaberry

This Week in KA:

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  We had so much fun reading and celebrating Dr. Seuss this week!  The students enjoyed the different dress down days and we all had fun exploring many books.  We read almost 20 books and did a variety of activities based off each book.  The students really seemed to enjoy the variety and taking a break from our typical learning to focus on all Dr. Seuss has to offer!  Look for a special project to come home next week to showcase all the activities we completed!


Next Week in KA:

In math we will be getting back to work on our chapter on numbers 11-19!

In reading we will be working on the letter Ee and adding the words she, all, her, when, over and some to our word wall.  These are all on the purple list.  We will also be reading a couple stories with a focus on informational text.

In Religion we will be focusing on Lent and Ash Wednesday.  As a school we will be working on a Lenten project that will benefit the Unbound program.  A letter will be coming home with your child today with specifics.  Each child is encouraged to do acts of service or good deeds to earn money.  Each child will log what they do and what they earn.  Once they have earned $5.00, they can bring the money into school to buy a paper butterfly.  These butterflies will be attached to a wooden cross in the school lobby.  The hope is that by Easter, our cross will be covered in colorful butterflies!  If you have any questions after reading the letter today, please let me know!

Next week we will have LIBRARY on Monday, please be sure to return your child’s books so they may select new ones.

Tuesday is Kindness day.  Students should DRESS DOWN and wear their kindness t-shirts.

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, we will be attending Mass so students should be in uniform!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, if you have a chance, read a Dr. Seuss book tomorrow in celebration of his birthday!

Mrs. Shinaberry



Jenna Shinaberry
Kindergarten Teacher- KA