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Preschool Newsletter

Grandparents's Day
Friday, October 5th
1:15- 2:15 pm

Students who regularly attend school on Fridays are free to leave following the event.  Students who do not regularly attend school on Fridays are welcome and encouraged to participate during the scheduled time of the event.  Students may leave with their grandparents at the end of the event.  Invitations are coming home this week.

News from Preschool A

September 20th, 2018
We focused on the letter "A" this week while continuing our camping theme.  The children enjoyed tasting different kinds of apples and voting for their favorite one.  We made "A" Alligators and marshmallow and pretzel stick ants.  Our friends love to eat and so do we!  For our fine motor skills, we worked a lot with gluing small squares on our alligators and we tried some tracing with pencils and markers for our morning work.    Next week we will learn about the letter "B", count sleepy bears, look for birds and perform a balloon experiment.  Our friends are also working hard to recognize their name.  Please remember to check your child's folder for prayer partner item and friend of the week notes.  Also the permission forms and money are due soon for our Gust Farms field trip.
Blessing to you all,
Mrs. DeDad and Mrs. Terrill


News from Preschool B

September 20th, 2018
This week we introduced the letter A to the children and read many fun books. We talked about the different parts of a book (front cover, back cover, spine) and how to read through and turn pages one at a time and from left to right. We also experimented with different "A" fruits and vegetables and tried them. The kids loved trying the new foods. One of the songs we learned this week that the kids are thoroughly enjoying is 'Way up high in the apple tree" Ask them to sing it for you!!

Next week we will be welcoming Fall and introducing the letter B.  We will also be continuing to strengthen our fine motor skills, introducing patterning and sorting.

-Please send emails to both teachers. It is important that both teachers are on the email so that if one is unable to answer the other one can do so.
-Remember to send in money along with the field trip permission slip
-We understand that children are becoming more independent at this age and are wanting to dress themselves, which is great, but if you could please help us out and double check that your children are wearing the proper undergarments that would be wonderful!! Thank you!

Ms. Ecceleston and Mrs. Staffan

News from Preschool C

September 20, 2018

This week:
This week we learned about our five senses. We read the book, “How Do I see?”, played with shaving cream and Pop Rocks (so messy, but so much fun) and tested our taste buds with a fun taste test. We practiced our basic writing skills (starting our letters at the top, diagonal lines and more). We also added a benevolent beaver to our Alphabet Journal! 

Next week:
Our letter of the week will be C and we will be tackling the number 3! Our theme is going to focus on our pets. We would like all the students to bring in a picture of their pet. If you do not have a pet, please send in a picture of their favorite stuffed friend. 

Please send back permission slip and payment for our upcoming field trip.
If you are not connected to our Dojo, please send us an email so that we can send another invitation.  We don’t want anyone missing out on all the pictures we take or any important communication.
With the cool weather coming, please send a jacket or sweatshirt. We will continue to go outside as long as we are able.

Mrs. Lach and Mrs. Kendziora


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Preschool A
Monica DeDad
Jackie Terrill

Preschool B
Karen Eccleston
Bri Staffan

Preschool C
Kim Lach
Sara Kendziora