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Preschool Newsletter

Preschool Orange

February 13, 2020
This week:

The letter Q was our letter of the week, so a quaint queen joined our friends in our Alphabet Journal. 
We learned all about the understory, the second layer of rainforest. The students made a treefrog with a very entertaining feature, as well as, a blue morpho butterfly.  They were amazed that there are over 150 species of butterflies in the rainforest. We read the story, “Secrets of the Rainforest.” This book was a highlight, since we get to turn off the lights and use a flashlight to read it.  We also learned how to tell the difference between a jaguar and a cheetah. It all comes down to the spots!! In religion, we learned about God’s commandments and read the story of the Good Samaritan.

Next week:
Our letter will be R and we will study the third layer of the rainforest, the canopy.

Preschool Purple

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Preschool Green

What we are learning:
This week in Preschool Green we focused on the letter "Qq" as well as the second layer of the Rainforest which is called the Understory. The students learned which animals inhabited the Understory, and we were able to add snakes and Red Eyed Tree Frogs to our Rainforest in the classroom. We also made some quilts for a teddy bear and did a fantastic Science experiment which involved conversation hearts and several kinds of liquids. We waited for days to see if the hearts would dissolve, sink or float in the liquids. The vinegar was the favorite because after 24 hours the hearts were gone! We also made sure to discuss the "Snow Day Ritual",,,,,it didn't work for us this week but there is A LOT of Winter to go! Thank you to everyone that has been ordering through Scholastic. Because of you, we are able to grow our own library.

Special Announcement for Friday, February 14th....if students bring in $1.00 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society they may dress down!

Next week we will be focusing on the letter "Rr" and the Canopy Layer of the Rainforest.

Things to remember:
-NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 17th in observance of Presidents Day.
-On Sunday, February 23rd, we will have Open House form 10:30-1:30. Please feel free to stop by and see the Rainforest.

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Preschool Green
Kathy Dunning
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Preschool Purple
Marissa Spader
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Preschool Orange
Kim Lach
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Open House 2/23