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Preschool Orange

March 12, 2020
This week:

Our letter of the week was U, so it was only fitting that an unbelievable unicorn was added to our journal.
We continued with our pirate theme. We practiced a lot on our counting skills with a few different pirate worksheets. Our science experiment was an attempt at our own “gold doubloons.” We used three different solutions and predicted which would make our old, dirty pennies shine like new.  It seems lemon juice and ketchup made the most difference.
We read the story, How I Became a Pirate, and practiced our sequencing skills on our very own treasure map.  The story, “Pirate’s Perfect Pet” was also a favorite and prompted the creation of our own parrots. These feathered friends are meant to be worn on the wrist as a real parrot might.

Just in case:
We have sent home a small packet of number practice worksheets. These do NOT have to be returned, but we hope that they can be put to good use in the event that we are closed. We will maintain communication with you via DOJO for some ideas to pass the time. While mass, at this point is still on, our specific class mass at 9:30 this weekend, has been canceled. 

Preschool Purple

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Preschool Green


With the surprise day off last Friday and with this Friday, March 13th off again (teachers have a PDD day), these weeks are flying by. We focused on the letter Uu. The students made umbrellas, underwater scenes, and unicorns. They learned that the letter Uu makes 2 sounds. Dr. Connor visited the class on Tuesday and gave us a hand washing lesson. It was cool to see our "germs" all lit up under a special light. Then we washed our hands and turned the special light back on to see how well we did. The result was that between our fingers, the wrists and the fingernails were the most neglected washing spot. The students learned when to wash hands and for how long. We are doing everything we can here in the classroom to prevent the spread of germs.

This week also brought about a science experiment gone wrong. An egg was dropped so the children could see it break. Then we soaked an egg in vinegar for 2 days and took it out. This egg was supposed to bounce but instead when it hit the ground it kind of exploded. So the children learned that Science is unpredictable and a little bit of embarrassing. In Religion the children learned the importance of the Our Father and of forgiveness.

Lastly, should we need to update you regarding the COVID-19 going around, we will do so via Dojo as well as Mr. Jakubisin sending out emails/phone text alerts. Please pray that this gets under control soon and that all infected will be healed. 



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