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This week:
It’s hard to believe that we are two weeks into our school year already! We are so proud of how hard the students have been working! We have practiced using our centers and our daily routines,  and they are really getting the hang of things!
Last week we read the book, Chrysanthemum, and discussed how special we all are in God’s eyes. 
We also began our Alphabet Journal. This will be a year long project that the students will work on each week and bring home at the end of the year. Our letter of the week was A, so the students created an ant hill to start off their journals. 
We also read the story, “Do Unto Otters” (a fun story about the Golden Rule as told by a rabbit about his new otter neighbors) tying it to our religion lesson about kindness and the Golden Rule.

Next week:
Our letter will be B, and we will be focusing on manners and feelings.

Don’t forget to please label all snacks and clothing that may come into school.

Preschool Purple

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Preschool Green

What we are learning:
Already two weeks in and our students are making wonderful improvements! This week the theme was “All About Me” and the students really enjoyed it!  They made a lot of great crafts that tied in with this unit and they loved getting to share some facts about themselves to the class!  Also, during this week, we have been introducing our students to all the different centers and getting the students comfortable with our daily routine.

This week the students have been learning about God's creation, and how He made them wonderful! We have been focusing on the verse “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14.  As a class, we have been saying this verse every day, and the students are loving it! With that being said we would love it if you would recite this verse with your student at home. It is important that they are constantly hearing how much God loves them and how He truly made them wonderful!

Next Week:
Next week's unit is all about family!  Just a reminder that if you have not brought in a picture of your student’s family please send one in. 

-Please make sure that you are labeling all of your students' belongings
-Picture Day is Monday, September 16th

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