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Preschool Orange

This week:
We continued our focus of Thanksgiving, Pilgrims and Native Americans. We also had some fun making a silly turkey to decorate our hall. The book, Turkey Trouble, elicited many giggles as Turkey tried many costumes to try to avoid his Thanksgiving Day fate.  We reviewed the letters A, B and C and spent time working on our November math journal.

Next week:
We will continue our review of letters and finish our math journal. We are also going to try a mini version of a Thanksgiving meal. We will be practicing manners and trying new things (hopefully!)

First period assessments will be coming home soon.  This assessment will show only how your child is adjusting to preschool life. Letter assessments are done within the first week of school and again before conferences. This allows us to get a minimum of two full assessments in before we meet with you.

Preschool Purple

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Preschool Green

This Week:
Wow! Can you believe that on November 12th we had our first snow day?! I can’t and I have been in this school for many, many years. I hope this is a sign of things to come this winter (yep, us teachers LOVE our snow days). Anyway, the days we were here we worked on the letter Gg. The kids had fun making gumball machines (which are hanging in the hallway), guessing what would come out of our letter Gg soup can, using the “squiggle items” to practice writing Gg, and as always singing and dancing to the many Gg songs that we could find.  

We also focused on Math with counting and circling the correct number to match the picture. Noah’s Ark was the focus of Religion. We read a story about Noah, listened to the Arky, Arky song (if you don’t know it, Google it) I guarantee this song will be stuck in your head. You’re welcome. The kids made their very own Noah’s Ark which are also hanging in our hallway. 
With our students coming on different days, and with a handful of kids coming everyday, it is hard to plan which activity for which day. We do try our best to plan so each child gets the full learning experience and all the fun to go with it. That being said, unless your child is an every day student, your child did either the gumball  machine or the Noah’s Ark. We would love for all 30 students to do everything, but we are in the real world and this is not possible. Maybe Santa could bring the teachers some extra hands. One can only dream......

Moving forward, next week we will learn Hh. We will be doing a Thanksgiving theme as well. Make sure if you are in the building you look at our door. The “We be-leaf in Gratitude” door that Ms. Kinsey and Mrs. Rosa worked on looks great. Your children are thankful for some amazing things.

*We are closed the week of November 25 through November 29. Class resumes on December 2nd. 
*All coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. should be labeled with your child’s name. You would not believe the “I don’t knows” we get when asking someone if the item is theirs. Well, you probably do know. 
*We follow Springfield Schools for delays and closings. If delayed, no morning preschool or a.m. extended day. 
*A Scholastic Books flyer is coming home next week. Orders will be due by December 2nd so we can ensure delivery before Christmas break. Please take a look. Books make great gifts and stocking stuffers. When you order books, the class gets free books. It’s a win-win! 

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