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Preschool Newsletter

News from Preschool A

November 16th, 2019
This week we worked on the letter "G" and set up our own grocery store and designed turkeys.  We are very impressed at how well our friends put their coats on.

After the Thanksgiving break, we will learn about the letter "H" and continue work on having manners to show we are thankful for all that God has given us.   Fine motor skills will be a main focus as we learn to hold a pencil properly, zipping up our coats, and cutting with scissors.  Please save the date of Wednesday, December 19th at 1:30 pm for the Preschool Christmas program.  More details to come.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Mrs. DeDad and Mrs. Terrill


News from Preschool B

November 16th, 2018
This week in Preschool B we learned the letter H and made a house to go in our portfolio.  

We learned many things about the Native Americans and Pilgrims.  We are so thankful the Pilgrims  came to America and that we can worship God.  We learned that the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to grow corn by putting a fish in the soil when they planted the corn seeds. Our class then made Squanto pudding by shaking the pudding and placing it in cups along with a piece of candy corn and a goldfish cracker.  It was topped off with a crushed oreo. This lesson was delicious!

When we return to school we will begin the Christmas season by making our Gingerbread Houses and by making something awesome for mom and dad - shhh, it's a secret!

We hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving. We are thankful for all of our preschool families!

Ms. Karen Eccleston and Mrs. Bri Staffan

News from Preschool C

November 16th, 2018

This week:
Letter I was our letter of the week.  We created an Igloo for our Alphabet Journal and discovered that “I” words are a little more difficult to find.

We learned all about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans.  We had fun recreating a Wetu. The book “If I was a Kid at the First Thanksgiving” helped us understand the early days of the Pilgrims.  We compared today vs. long ago with items Pilgrims used against the items we use today. We then watched “The Mayflower Voyagers,” a Charlie Brown cartoon that shows the challenges the Pilgrims went through.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! 
Mrs. Kendziora and Mrs. Lach

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Preschool A
Monica DeDad
Jackie Terrill

Preschool B
Karen Eccleston
Bri Staffan

Preschool C
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