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Dear SJA Families,

On behalf of the SJA Parent School Organization (PSO), it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. I hope you had a wonderful summer and you are excited for the new school year. I also hope you are interested in learning more about the impact PSO has on your child’s educational experience at St. Joan of Arc.

What is PSO? PSO is an organization designed to coordinate opportunities for the SJA administration, faculty, parents, and the parish community to work cooperatively to provide our students with a comprehensive Catholic education.

How does PSO obtain its funding? PSO’s funds primarily come from our two main fundraisers: the Fall Raffle and La Soiree Rouge. Last year PSO’s donations from the Fall Raffle and La Soiree Rouge were $26,663 and $34,410, respectively.*  The table below shows why PSO needs your continued support. PSO needs your help so we can continue to offer the same annual funding while also providing additional opportunities and resources to enhance the educational experience for our
students and faculty.

What initiatives does PSO financially support?

Donation Year
Donation Expenses
The school’s general operating budget
Varies per year:
approximately $10,000 minimum
Teacher stipends, general teacher funding requests, bus fare to Camp Storer, 8th grade scholarship, Girls on the Run, Power of the Pen, Veteran’s Day, Trunk or Treat, & Toledo Opera

* Includes the deduction for the music risers and the $23,360 given to SJA’s Athletic Board.
Does PSO do anything beyond raise funds? Yes, PSO also organizes activities including the Father Daughter Dance, the Mother Son Event, Brunch with Santa, Trunk or Treat, and the Uniform Swap Shop. PSO also manages our TRIP, Kroger, and Box Top programs, offers SJA Spirit Wear, and coordinates the Teacher Appreciation Meals & Monthly Recognition, Teacher Christmas Gift Cards, “Fun”draiser Nights, and the Advent Family donations.

How can I help PSO to fulfill its mission? There are three easy ways: i) Join us for PSO meetings the second Monday of each month ii) Support the Fall Raffle and attend La Soiree Rouge iii) Consider being President, Co-President or Treasurer for the 2019-2020 school year 

Again, on behalf of PSO, I welcome you to the new school year and hope to see you at the meetings. 

Warm Regards,

Natasha Reinhart
PSO President

PSO President

Natasha Reinhart

PSO President-Elect


PSO Treasurer

Katie Perry

PSO Secretary

Catherine Baldwin