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It has been an incredibly fast week since we last “spoke.” To keep you posted on my Christmas Bucket List, I’ve made a point to “Be Present” in all of my interactions…especially with the students here. They are a constant reminder of why I am here…they truly fill my heart!

I hope you have had the chance to read the email I sent you yesterday regarding lice. In order for us to get a handle on this situation, it is imperative to check your children daily. Channeling my inner Zac Efron from High School Musical…”We’re All in this Together.”

I challenge you this week to knock something off that Christmas Bucket List – you’ll be glad you did!

Wishing you a family-filled weekend!

In Christ, 
Kris Witker

Facebook Highlight of the Week: 

SJA 7th graders helped St. Nicholas stuff the stockings and shoes of our SJA preschoolers while he read a story to them.

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