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Dear Warrior Families,

A number of important items this evening:

1) Picture Day Monday

Picture Day is Monday the 21st , so all students should be in uniform that day. Virtual students should plan to come in between 8:15 and 12:30 for their pictures; any student out for illness, quarantine, or isolation due to symptoms will participate in the retake day on 11/3.

2) PSO Meeting Tuesday

The first PSO meeting of the year will be held virtually on Tuesday the 22nd at 6:30 PM. The password is PSO2020 and the link is here:

3) Adjustment to Backpack Policy

There's been a significant amount of feedback regarding the cinch-sacks. These were meant to be helpful, but a number of frustrations have developed surrounding them. Therefore, effective immediately, all students Preschool through 8th grade are permitted to wear a backpack of your own providing instead of the school-provided cinch-sack with the following restrictions: must be able to hang on the back of a chair (two shoulder straps), may not be a "wheelie" or "crossbody"/"sling" backpack.

4) Water Bottles

With the drinking fountains blocked per health department directives, we've been only allowing refillable, reusable water bottles, which we will continue to do. The only change is that a student who has forgotten their personal water bottle will be given a plastic recyclable water bottle so as to not go thirsty all day. Students who regularly forget their water will incur additional fees if their use of this offering becomes a pattern.

5) Great Excitement!

I think we have cause to rejoice as a community that we've completed 20 days of in-person education and, since re-opening, there is not a single known transmission of COVID in our building.  As you know, one student did test positive for COVID-19 over a weekend from a non-SJA contact but had no close contacts from within the SJA building based on the timing. Our efforts at keeping our community safe are indeed working! It's not time yet to relax these efforts, but to be happy that they are accomplishing what we'd hoped for! Thank you for your continued cheerful compliance with these policies.

Have a great weekend!

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us! Go Warriors!

Gabriel A. Jakubisin
SJA Principal




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