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TRIP Program

What is T.R.I.P? TRIP is a fundraising program designed to offer participants the opportunity to purchase gift cards at face value while helping St. Joan of Arc to earn a small rebate per gift card.  However, at St. Joan of Arc, the rebate percentage is shared with the participant through a Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP).

How does it work? Family and/or friends of SJA students, parishioners, or employees may order gift cards online through to use for their regular grocery, gas, clothing or dining purchases and earn a percentage of their purchases back as a rebate.

Who benefits?  YOU and St. Joan of Arc!
Five to eight percent (5%-8%) of all rebates earned are placed in SJA’s Parent School Organization (PSO) TRIP general fund to help cover the expenses to operate the program and to support the school’s smaller educational requests. Please choose one option below for the distribution of the remaining 95%-92% of the rebate  earned by your family through your participation in the TRIP program:

*Participants can apply their rebate (92% - 95%) toward
1) School tuition at SJA 
2) School Tuition at a local Catholic high school 
3) SJA’s scholarship fund or 
4) SJA’s PSO general fund. 

NOTE – Rebates will default first to SJA, they cannot be applied to any of the Catholic elementary schools or academies. If your child graduates from SJA and moves to High School, then the rebate can be applied to the local Catholic High School.

The remaining 5% -8% is applied to PSO’s general fund, after expenses.

When do I place and pick-up my order?
Order WEEKLY, online by 8:00 am every Monday and have your cards by Wednesday afternoon!  Payments are made easy by using ACH withdraw.  Your order can be either sent home with your child or you may pick it up in the school office.

For more information, please click here: What is TRIP?
To register, please click here: Trip Registration Form
Completed forms should be returned to the school office to receive a sign-in name and password. 

**Currently, these funds will be applied toward your 2020 -2021 tuition bill. 

To register, please click here: Trip Registration Form
Completed forms should be returned to the school office to receive a sign-in name and password.