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Volunteer Hours Program

SJA “All In” Parent Volunteer Program

…where the rewards are many and the hours are few, if we are ALL committed. It starts with YOU!

From June 1, 2019–May 31, 2020, we are encouraging a minimum commitment of 15 volunteer hours per family.

At St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, we have truly been blessed with supportive families!

This support is most evident in the time parents dedicate to the many initiatives that allow our school to thrive and grow. Parents' active, positive participation in the life of the school sends a strong message to our children about a parent’s commitment to them, their education, and the community which we are all called to serve. Parental involvement is, quite simply, one of the most vital parts of the success of our school. We feel parent involvement is so important, we require a minimum commitment of 15 volunteer hours per family.

Each of you is a vital resource with ideas, energy, and expertise and your children are the sole beneficiaries. We are truly grateful for your willingness to share your time and talent with the students of the St. Joan of Arc Catholic School community.

Volunteer Hours Entry

Parents will track their volunteer hours, on their own, through RenWeb. Volunteer hours will be listed under your parent account. If other family members are contributing volunteer hours to your family, we are asking parents to enter those hours under your family name in the system.



1.    Sign in to RenWeb as usual,

2.    Click “Family Information” on the left side of the home page; you will be taken to a screen where you will fill in your volunteer time.

3.    Click the name of family member you wish to enter the volunteer hours under.

4.    Click “Add Service Hours” under Service Hours of the parent who volunteered. • Click the drop down box “Description” and choose SJA (it’s the only option), add the amount of time volunteered • Type a brief description of where you served in the “Note” box • Add a name for who you volunteered for in the “Verified by” box

5.    Click “Save.”

•    As always, any volunteering can be counted toward your annual 15 hour volunteer commitment. Please remember to do this throughout the year, and remember that each parent enters their hours separately.
•    If you are already signed up for RenWeb, you don’t have to do any new setup each year.
•    For full volunteer-related details, please reference the Parent Volunteering Information document, available on the website, “Parents” section, “Volunteering” tab.

Volunteer Requirements
The Toledo Diocese requires ALL adults who want to coach or chaperone children at St. Joan of Arc (school or church) to complete specific requirements with respect to Protecting God’s Children. Contact Jane Friesner at to initiate this process or to inquire if you are compliant.  



Becky Schmakel

Volunteer Background Requirements
Jane Friesner