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Volunteer Hours Program

SJA “All In” Parent Volunteer Program

…where the rewards are many and the hours are few, if we are ALL committed. It starts with YOU!
From June 1, 2017–May 31, 2018, we are encouraging a minimum commitment of 15 volunteer hours per family.

How does it work?
1. Volunteer opportunities  are available in both school and church.  They will be posted on the school website and in the sjaweekly. Opportunities will also be available during Meet the Teacher night in the classrooms (class parties, etc) and in the gym.  School and Church committees, coaching,  pso,  scouts, after school groups, church choir, Knights of Columbus ALL count and the list goes on!

2. Volunteer by contacting the person listed under the opportunity.

3. Fulfill your volunteer obligation.

4. Committee chairs, sports commissioners, school office, etc. will report your hours through a google form on our school website.   If you volunteer during the school day for lunch, classroom help, etc.  Your hours will be recorded on the school register sign-in.

5. The school office will  record these hours in RenWeb on a monthly basis.  You will be able to view your hours in the RenWeb site.

Volunteer Requirements
1. Volunteers must show up for the hours they have committed to or contact the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.

2.Volunteers must be present for the entire time they have committed to work. (No credit will be issued in the event the volunteer leaves early and does not complete the responsibilities of the activity or event.)

3. The Diocese requires ALL adults who want to coach or chaperone children at St. Joan of Arc (school or church) to complete specific requirements with respect to Protecting God’s Children. Please note as of 7/1/2016 these requirements have changed.  The Diocesan website is still in transition so please email Jane Friesner at for help with this process or to inquire if you are compliant.  



SJA Volunteer Coordinator
Kim Lach

Volunteer Background Requirements
Jane Friesner

Are you a committee chair,  event organizer, sports commissioner, or in charge of an area?
We ask that you record your volunteers by clicking below:
Volunteer Hour Recording Form

School Fundraise