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Student Council

The St. Joan of Arc Student Council is made up of the representatives of the student body and their purpose is to collaborate with school leadership to enhance the spirit of the school community. The Student Council works together to plan, coordinate and implement specific projects throughout the year. Members are to continuously promote respect and involvement in school and parish activities.

To become a Student Council Member, students must go through a series of steps. Step one includes signing a form to show that they are willing to be committed and are ready to meet the guidelines and expectations of what it means to be on Student Council. Step two requires them to have a teacher recommendation form filled out by any two of their Academic Teachers. The third step involves them having to present a 2 minute speech to their 8th Grade peers on why they believe that they should be selected to represent St. Joan of Arc as a student representative. The last step is passing through an election process in which grades 6-8 students vote to select the members of Student Council.



Justin Hummer
Jr. High Grade Math Teacher