Welcome Letter

Greetings and welcome!

As a Catholic school and a ministry of St. Joan of Arc Parish, we believe a few things worth noting:
          * Every child is made in the image of God and deserves the utmost dignity and respect.
           * God has an incredible plan for each and every person, a plan for them to be the best they can be.
           * Our mission is to help your child grow as that person and discover that plan.

We have a beautiful and longer mission statement, but I prefer our school slogan. It is both pithy and poignant. It’s not even a full sentence: “...forming Saints, Servants, and Scholars.” As our students grow in our program, they’re asked to take increased responsibility for their growth. Our hope is that our students take ownership of this mission and, although they eventually graduate from our school and continue the process elsewhere, they never stop striving to become the saint, servant, and scholar God calls them to be.

The Catholic teaching on education is that parents, the primary educators of their children, invite a school alongside them and entrust that school with a formal responsibility for that education. Although we are “children first” here, it is because our school parents have commissioned us as partners for their children’s learning. We’re excited to work with you over these years that your child is at SJA, joining together to help your child as they become all they can be.
By sending their children to our school, our parents make an investment for their family’s future. We would love to discuss further with you how a St. Joan of Arc education could assist your child in becoming all that they can be. 


Gabriel A. Jakubisin

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