Employment Opportunities

Hearing the Call?

We are excited that God has called us to have a small, local role in the divine plan of forming Saints, Servants, and Scholars. As God calls us, so we call others to join us in the work! If you are excited to find a ministry in which to flourish and support the growth of God's children, let's discern together! Hear the call with us to strive "Forward, forward, always forward" in unfolding the mission of Christ and His Church here in the Diocese of Toledo. All qualified candidates must have, prior to the start of the job, current BCI/FBI background checks and Diocese of Toledo Protecting Youth certification. Interested applicants should e-mail a cover letter, resume, references, and three letters of recommendation to the Principal-Minister, Gabriel Jakubisin, unless otherwise noted, at  gjakubisin@school.joanofarc.org

Current Open Positions for the 2022-2023 School Year

2nd Grade Teacher >

Our Primary team is looking for a new teammate! This position, a self-contained 2nd grade classroom, has all the joys an Early Childhood Educator could long for, plus the added bonus of preparing the students for their 1st Holy Communion. Due to the sacramental preparation aspect of the job, being a Catholic in good standing is a bona fide job qualification. The prior teacher is more than happy to review qualitative and quantitative data sets to help prepare you to hit the ground running in January with this fantastic group of kids.
St. Joan of Arc Teacher-Minister General Job Description

Art Teacher >

St. Joan of Arc School, in line with the Catholic tradition, sees human creativity as an echo and overflow of God's own creative power. The visual arts curriculum of the Diocese of Toledo Courses of Study encourages student creative artistic expression while also framing that creativity by learning the methods of art and art history. Beyond the art curriculum, the Art teacher also works with the leadership team for art around the school environment, both in displaying individual student work and organizing school-wide projects, but also in terms of historical art and display pieces that support the Catholic culture of the school while integrating a sense of the Beautiful.
St. Joan of Arc Teacher-Minister General Job Description

Secretary / Admissions Assistant >

Although we're not a Benedictine school, we still want to "treat all who enter as Christ" whether they "enter" our school in person, over the phone, or via online contact. The secretary / admissions assistant engenders positive relationships with all constituents while balancing in-person encounters with online presence. St. Joan of Arc: "Where Warriors are formed into Saints, Servants, and Scholars" - come join us in our mission!

Qualified candidates should contact Mrs. Rebecca Schmakel, School Manager, at bschmakel@school.joanofarc.org.

4-5th Grade Math Teacher >

Our middle school is excited for a new team member to help them educate and inspire our 4th and 5th graders in mathematics. We're looking for a dynamic team player who will excite students to become life-long learners. St. Joan of Arc: "Where Warriors are formed into Saints, Servants, and Scholars" - come join us in our mission!
St. Joan of Arc Teacher-Minister General Job Description

6-8th Grade Social Studies Teacher >

Our Junior High team is looking for a new teammate to inspire young people in the world of social studies, particularly by looking at the world's history. Our junior high Warriors travel through time and space as they learn how ancient and modern cultures made their mark and became part of human history. This position offers a unique opportunity to bring history to life, to illuminate for students the complexity and beauty of the human experience shared by all peoples in all times and places, and see how each generation plays their part in the tapestry of our species.
St. Joan of Arc Teacher-Minister General Job Description

Employment and Volunteer Safety Compliance

St. Joan of Arc School, as a ministry of the Diocese of Toledo, is invested in the care and protection of youth. All employees and any volunteers must meet background requirements and comply with Diocesan policies. The Diocesan policy page can be found here. Our Compliance Officer is Mrs. Jane Friesner, who can be reached at jfriesner@joanofarc.org.