Employment Opportunities

Hearing the Call?

We are excited that God has called us to have a small, local role in the divine plan of forming Saints, Servants, and Scholars. As God calls us, so we call others to join us in the work! If you are excited to find a ministry in which to flourish and support the growth of God's children, let's discern together! Hear the call with us to strive "Forward, forward, always forward" in unfolding the mission of Christ and His Church here in the Diocese of Toledo. All qualified candidates must have, prior to the start of the job, current BCI/FBI background checks and Diocese of Toledo Protecting Youth certification. Interested applicants should e-mail a cover letter, resume, references, and three letters of recommendation to the Principal-Minister, Gabriel Jakubisin, at  gjakubisin@school.joanofarc.org

Current Open Positions for the 2021-2022 School Year

4-5 Science and Religion Teacher    >

Our Middle School team is looking for a new teammate to inspire young people with the glory of creation. By teaching the methods of Science and the discoveries humans have made about the natural world to both 4th and 5th grades while also teaching the Religion curriculum to 4th grade, this position offers a unique opportunity to live St. Pope John Paul II's call to see the proper integration of Faith and Reason. The middle school utilizes block scheduling and makes special use of projects and group learning to facilitate content acquisition and ownership of learning. This is a full-time teaching position with homeroom responsibilities. Since the position involves explicit religion instruction, being a Catholic in good standing is a bona fide job qualification and the position involves Mass planning responsibilities.
St. Joan of Arc Teacher-Minister General Job Description

Employment and Volunteer Safety Compliance

St. Joan of Arc School, as a ministry of the Diocese of Toledo, is invested in the care and protection of youth. All employees and any volunteers must meet background requirements and comply with Diocesan policies. The Diocesan policy page can be found here. Our Compliance Officer is Mrs. Jane Friesner, who can be reached at jfriesner@joanofarc.org.