Junior High

6th-8th Grades

  • Accelerated classes available, including 8th grade Algebra (high school credit)
  • Elective blocks. Options include:
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Personal Finance
    • Shakespeare
    • Creative Writing, and more…
  • Research and computer access to Media Resource Center with teacher-provided slips
  • Participation in Specials classes, including Spanish three times per week
  • Junior High-only clubs such as Chess Club and Business Club
  • Makings of a Warrior Leadership Scholarship for two boys and two girls in each grade

Discover how your child will:

    • Become an empowered, self-motivated learner

    • Grow in a faith-filled environment

    • Experience an innovative curriculum with traditional roots

SJA Activities

  • Weekly school liturgies
  • Grandparents Day
  • Halloween parade and holiday parties
  • Holy Day/Feast Day celebrations
  • Christmas Band Concert 
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Lenten Retreat
  • Talent Show/School Musical
  • Field Day


  • 6th: Camp Storer
  • 6th: Wax Museum
  • 7th: Visit to the Shrine in Carey
  • 7th: Science Fair
  • 7th: Were You There/Living Stations
  • 8th: Confirmation
  • 8th: Camp Damascus/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame/Cedar Point
  • 8th: Mime Stations
  • 8th: Students v Teachers Volleyball Game