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Welcome to St. Joan of Arc School!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to educate students of all ages and also help them prepare in their walk with Christ. Our school motto of “forming Saints, Servants, and Scholars” is at the heart of what we wish to accomplish in our school everyday and every school year. 

Our slogan is simple, but when we work with our students to form them in these three facets, it gives them the tools to be successful in this school, in their future education endeavors, and in life. 

Saints: Teaching students that following Christ and his example is the ultimate goal for all of us. A relationship with God and His Son will help us surpass any obstacle or problem we may face in life. 

Servants: Only through serving others can we truly make a difference in the world. Every single person has worth, value, and something to offer others. We can use our abilities to help others surpass their obstacles in life. 

Scholars: Learning is not just something we do in school, it is a life-long skill needed to be successful in future ventures. A natural curiosity of the world around us emboldens us to try new things and continue to grow as a person and follower of Christ. 

In working with our parents, the first educators of their children, we can accomplish so much together. We look forward to working with our families to help our students achieve more than they thought possible, while furthering our mission as a school to empower our students to become creative, self-disciplined, courageous learners, who will demonstrate their lifelong desire to serve God and others. 

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and learn more about our school. We pray that you find not only a school within St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, but a home as well. 

Yours in Christ,
Mr. Greg Sattler, Principal
St. Joan of Arc Catholic School