Middle School

4th-5th Grades

  • Block schedule for core content classes
  • Participation in Specials classes, including Library and Spanish twice per week
  • Entrance to “Wing B” and leaving the Primary Wing implies greater student ownership:
    • Tracking assignments
    • Completing work with autonomy
    • Utilizing time management and organization
    • Exercising leadership and model-ing for younger students
  • Access to clubs such as Coding Club

Discover how your child will:

    • Grow in a faith-filled environment

    • Become an empowered, self-motivated learner

    • Experience an innovative curriculum with traditional roots

SJA Activities

  • Weekly school liturgies
  • Grandparents Day
  • Halloween parade and holiday parties
  • Holy Day/Feast Day celebrations
  • Christmas Band Concert 
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Lenten Retreat
  • Talent Show/School Musical
  • Field Day


  • 4th: Grandfriends service program
  • 4th: Seven Eagles field trip
  • 5th: D.A.R.E. program
  • 5th: Giving Tree project