...forming Saints, Servants, and Scholars

Following the Diocese of Toledo Courses of Study, we offer a rigorous academic curriculum while supporting students’ individual learning needs.

Our core content areas include:

  • Catholic Religion
  • English Language Arts (Reading and Writing)
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Science

Special classes include:

  • Spanish (moving from once weekly in 2nd to 3 times by 8th grade)
  • Physical Education
  • Music (Band option starting in 5th grade)
  • Art
  • Science

Additional academic opportunities vary by grade level, including:

  • Library Time
  • Research and Computer Skills (Junior High)
  • Handwriting and Cursive

Junior High Electives

Approach: Project-Based Learning. *Students select two different classes each year, one per semester.

  • Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Finance
  • Real World Science
  • Shakespeare

[The 2021-2022 school year is our first year with an Elective Program. We intend to adjust after the first year, potentially increasing the number of offerings.]


Our support staff in the STAR Center, including an Intervention Specialist, a Speech Therapist, Reading and Math Specialists, and a Counselor, provide any needed support for students, whether academic or social-emotional. This team provides great expertise and allows us to serve a wide range of student needs.

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